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Just a quick note: As I get back into blogging and getting used to this new space, there will be technical difficulties. There will be glitches. There’s a long list of things that need to get done, and I’m working on it to the best of my limited WordPress abilities. If you see something that […]

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I cannot say I am surprised at the news of the royal seal approving amendments to the press and publications law. There was, deep down, a part of me who thought this wouldn’t happen and felt that this was perhaps another state policy that would get knocked down by the King after public pressure. But […]

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Photo Courtesy of: Jordan Open Source Association Once upon a time, the Jordanian government thought that censoring the Internet was actually a bad thing. In fact, the government felt that the best regulators of what content users should consume were the users themselves, in the form of the community – parents, schools, etc. Government recognises […]

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