In Pictures: Amman’s The Word Is Yours Urban Festival Jordan's First Urban Festival Takes Over Jabal Lweibdeh

This past October weekend saw Amman’s 7Hills Skatepark being taken over with artists, skateboarders, beatboxers, and rappers in the Jordan’s first urban festival. The Word Is Yours, produced by Malahi and Mektoub, brought together an eclectic mix of entertainers in a lively two-day event in Jabal Lweibdeh, with young Ammanis flocking to the scene. The crowd-funded […]

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What Comes Next? Questions, Agitations & Experiments in Middle Eastern New Media

Prologue. Apart from half-baked commentary that has populated this blog, it hasn’t been the most personal of spaces. This makes it’s pretty impossible to talk about what comes next without some personal context. This is the final post in a three-part series on where I’ve been, what I’ve learned, and where I’m going. Drawing from […]

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Rewind. Pause. Forward. On Fatherhood, London, Leaving 7iber and Moving On.

Prologue. Let me explain something. Being a blogger is tough work, especially if you care about the craft. It’s this digital piece of real estate that requires immense upkeep – serious dedication, which is why I’ve had a growing appreciation and respect for the people that do it. But the more life throws at you, […]

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“Please Take Us Out, We Are Dying Here”

Yarmouk camp, Damascus. Source: Guardian If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what story do they have to tell when they come together like this? Are they adjectives, like: unbelievable, devastating, unimaginable, inconceivable, inhuman, insane, unreal, depressing, miserable, heartbreaking, despairing, powerless? Or nouns, like: hell, dignity, destruction, fear, sympathy, ocean, humanity, mercy, rubble, refugee, hunger, […]