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Words: Naseem Tarawnah | Visual: via Flickr It’s a 2am traffic light on a Friday night in Amman. Several cars waiting patiently for a green signal have their radio’s tuned to BBC Arabic as it reports an attempted coup in Turkey. With a look of concern on every driver’s face, we listen intently to the news […]

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By now, most of the world has become well aware of an alleged terror plot driven by 11 Jordanians, which sought to target key places throughout the Capital. At a time when Jordanians, and indeed much of the immediate region, is on high alert when it comes to security – given the bloodshed in Syria, […]

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I cannot say I am surprised at the news of the royal seal approving amendments to the press and publications law. There was, deep down, a part of me who thought this wouldn’t happen and felt that this was perhaps another state policy that would get knocked down by the King after public pressure. But […]

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Photo Courtesy of: Jordan Open Source Association Once upon a time, the Jordanian government thought that censoring the Internet was actually a bad thing. In fact, the government felt that the best regulators of what content users should consume were the users themselves, in the form of the community – parents, schools, etc. Government recognises […]

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This is a subject that, I admit, I have avoided writing about like the plague, and for good reason. After months of witnessing a group absurdly demanding the government actually move in to censor porn sites, and after months of a counter movement trying to convince people that self-regulation is the key and that any […]

Buy Ventolin Tablets, Moduretic Generika Drugstore, Benicar Prescription 7th, Buy Zoloft, Buy Canadian Generic Viagra Online