When The Jordanian Government Thought Internet Censorship Was a Bad Idea

Photo Courtesy of: Jordan Open Source Association Once upon a time, the Jordanian government thought that censoring the Internet was actually a bad thing. In fact, the government felt that the best regulators of what content users should consume were the users themselves, in the form of the community – parents, schools, etc. Government recognises […]

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Wednesday Blackout: Jordan Moves To Censor The Internet, Again

This is a subject that, I admit, I have avoided writing about like the plague, and for good reason. After months of witnessing a group absurdly demanding the government actually move in to censor porn sites, and after months of a counter movement trying to convince people that self-regulation is the key and that any […]

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Carrots And Sticks: How Jordan’s Appeasement Policy Killed Law And Order

“Indeed, brother: the law is now above everyone!!” Jordan has always had a casual relationship when it comes to the application of the law, and both the state and the people have always found ways to undermine laws when needed. Right now, while the government and its parliament decide on what new laws should be […]

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