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Since I haven’t published a Thursday Feel Good post for nearly a year now (and that should tell you something about our state of affairs) I thought this would be a good segue from our political turbulence. The brilliant people behind Jordan’s own, Kharabeesh, put this together. If the parliamentary “confidence vote” process was put […]

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Having been incommunicado since the beginning of September, which included finishing up a boatload of work before the holidays, flying off to beautiful Turkey for three days with the 7iber gang, and then getting stuck in the holiday mode – I missed the usually Eid greeting post. So Eid mubarak to all the readers! It […]

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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Municipal Land-Use Hearing Update Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party Jon Stewart and the Daily Show, simply put, have a wicked way of putting certain issues in context while still maintaining a sense of humor. For anyone following US news […]

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