Breakfast In Amman, With Mahathir Mohamad Lessons From The Malaysian Experience

 It’s a clear-skied Friday morning in September, and the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, walks into an eco-café on the tip of Jabal Amman. Surrounded by security, he’s escorted on to the outdoor terrace overlooking the temple of Hercules, the Citadel and an Umayyad Palace – overlooking a city’s ancient past, centuries in […]

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Jordan: One Of The Most Militarized Nations On Earth

The headline came as no shock. Jordan is the fifth most militarized nation in the world according to the 2010 BICC Global Military Index. Only Israel, Singapore, Syria and Russia are ahead of the Kingdom. The index measures various elements, including comparing military expenditure with the country’s GDP, as well as its health expenditure, in addition to comparing […]

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Drill Baby Drill: Shell’s Oily Misadventures And Jordan

Stumbling on two articles today, I couldn’t help but note the connection. Documents that have recently surfaced prove that Shell oil company worked alongside the Nigerian military to suppress local resistance to its oil activities. The company essentially paid off the military to stop peaceful protests that targetted Shell’s environmental travisties and it even helped […]

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Corruption Continues To Plague Jordan, And 5 Steps To Fighting It

The Heritage Foundation’s economic freedom report for 2010 has come out and Jordan has actually improved. Jordan’s economic freedom score is 68.9, making its economy the 38th freest in the 2011 Index. Its score is 2.8 points better than last year, with significant gains in fiscal, monetary, and investment freedom and improved control of government […]

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Is Corruption On The Rise In Jordan? Or Are We Just Perceiving It To Be?

The latest Corruption Perceptions Index report for 2010 has just been released by Transparency International, and Jordan ranks 50th worldwide and 6th regionally, in terms of corruption perceptions. I should note, as I often do when referring to this report, that it measures perceptions and not actual cases of corruption. In other words, to quote […]

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