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To say Hussein Alazaat is passionate about Arabic calligraphy would be a terrible understatement. Scroll through his Twitter feed and you’ll find an eclectic mix of photos featuring vintage Arabic type from storefronts, children books, billboards and even sewer covers in Jordan, Kuwait and beyond. A senior designer at SYNTAX - a leading design and branding studio […]

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This past October weekend saw Amman’s 7Hills Skatepark being taken over with artists, skateboarders, beatboxers, and rappers in the Jordan’s first urban festival. The Word Is Yours, produced by Malahi and Mektoub, brought together an eclectic mix of entertainers in a lively two-day event in Jabal Lweibdeh, with young Ammanis flocking to the scene. The crowd-funded […]

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I read “If I Were Another”, a collection of beautiful poems by Darwish some time ago. The collection was released in 2009, and having purchased it in Beirut back in December, I thought today, the day that Darwish left us some two short years ago, was a symbolic day to retrieve it from my bookshelf […]

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