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Words By: Samih Toukan CoFounder of Maktoob, medical rx see Souq and Jabbar Internet Group A few days ago, advice Yahoo! announced the closure of its Dubai office, its last office in the MENA region, making more than 50 people redundant. This is indeed sad news and one would have wished that Yahoo!Maktoob would grow […]

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It is 10:17pm Paris time when I receive a message from a friend in Brussels: “You okay? Have you heard the news?” Somewhere also from Brussels, at least one car has arrived in Paris carrying men armed with ammunition and a willingness to kill. My small apartment is a 15-minute drive from the heart of […]

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Words By: Amjad Yamin* Fareed is one of the thousands of Syrians who decided to move from one refugee camp to another across continents, help plunge into the unknown and risk his life for a promise of a better future for his children. The first time Fareed* thought of leaving Daraa, Syria was at the […]

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