The Socioeconomics Of Bad Weather In Jordan Why We Shouldn't Be Shocked By The Mayor's Statements

We’ve grown used to injustice in this country. We’ve grown accustomed to remaining relatively silent for the sake of not rocking the boat. From bad laws, policies, scandals, whatever – we’ve become anesthetized; satisfied with living out our lives in this Kingdom as best we can, taking small steps forward as we move with our […]

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Breakfast In Amman, With Mahathir Mohamad Lessons From The Malaysian Experience

It’s a clear-skied Friday morning in September, and the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, walks into an eco-café on the tip of Jabal Amman. Surrounded by security, he’s escorted on to the outdoor terrace overlooking the temple of Hercules, the Citadel and an Umayyad Palace – overlooking a city’s ancient past, centuries in […]

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Fear And Loathing In Jordan Lately

Between our collective fish-memory and the tendency to leap-frog steadily from one issue to another, it can be fairly confusing to keep track of things. Especially when it comes to the external threats that come with Jordan’s geographic fate of sitting ‘between Iraq and a hard place’. Rewind to last year, when our eyes looked […]


When The Speaker Of The House Is Humiliated

“The Lower House on Sunday could not complete its agenda for the meeting amid MP’s outrage over the government’s attempts to disgrace the legislative authority by disrespecting its speaker, Atef Tarawneh, at the opening of the Jerash festival… …Tarawneh said he felt humiliated when a staff member of the festival’s administration asked him to leave his […]


A National Silence

There is a question that keeps me up at night, and it’s largely to do with our national distractions – the ones that have been so fascinating to watch, especially in recent weeks. We’ve had a Jordanian citizen shot and killed by Israelis in cold blood, inspiring haphazard protests that quickly died down once the […]