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6 thoughts on “The Stages Of Post-Terrorism Grief In Jordan Fighting Extremism Will Take More Than Storming A Castle

  1. 2 weeks ago I was writing something on my twitter account (it was a sort of nostalgia to blogger-wrold) that when Naseem does not write for a while I get troubled; when he does I also -at least- get troubled!
    I am not trying to sound dramatic but for the first time, in a long time indeed I feel frightened, I really do.
    I am coming home in less than 10 days and this year, the year before it was just a cycle of disappointment-inducing events, locally, regionally, and what have you. But -if I am being honest with myself- I never felt fear or something of a related synonymous with it.

    The tools towards a shaky/shady path to break away from such an illusion you speak of, which I agree to both its growing underpinning and bleak consequences, are not being developed nor ranked as a priority, they are not. Movement for winning the ideas-war is at best sidelined, sadly, tragically actually, to say.

    I am sorry I do not have any positive input.

  2. Fantastic article.. All Jordanians and officials, MP’s, educational institutions and professors should push towards cultural change rather than always take instantaneous defensive measures. We need protective measures and we need to finally start talking about the elephant in the room. Thank you Faridon. Very well written.

    1. I think (hope?) no one disagrees with that. We need a collective effort as well as individual one; we need actions not words.

      * kind note that the post is by Naseem. The photo, though, is by Faridon Abida.

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