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2 thoughts on “The Jordan-Israeli Gas Deal And Our Perpetual Deja Vu A Reminder Of The Bigger Battles We're Not Fighting

  1. Naseem,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you very well articulate the frustration that many people in Jordan sense: their dissatisfaction with state policies and their inability to do anything about it beyond short-term and largely ineffective protests. I somewhat disagree with you on how you characterize Israel as “the easiest and safest distraction for the masses”, but I think this argument, like all other genuinely made arguments, should be up for discussion. It is not enough to feel that signing an agreement to buy gas from Israel is wrong and to express that feeling on the street. I think Jordanians need to know and be able to articulate why they feel it is wrong and why that feeling is justified. Passion needs to be guided by reason, and reason grows out of public discussion and conversation that aims at genuinely figuring out what the “common good” is. Without it, I suspect, unguided passions will rule and their reign is often episodic as you eloquently describe.

    One of the most glaring aspects of the Arab Spring–not only in Jordan, but elsewhere as well–was the absence of intellectuals who could give shape to popular sentiments by explaining why these sentiments are justified using the correct political and moral concepts to which everyone–and I mean everyone–agrees. “ghaz al-3adow i7tilal!” speaks to popular passions formed through a long history of colonialism, anti-colonialism, Arab nationalism and Palestinian nationalism.. The problem is that concepts like “enemy” and “occupation” have lost much of their practical meaning today. What does it mean to call say these words when the idea that Israel can be defeated militarily by Arab armies has lost all practical sense since 1967 (notwithstanding the rhetoric of armed “resistance” that succeeded it)? What does it mean to say them when thousands of Jordanians, many of which are Palestinian refugees, live and work in Israel? The justification which these people put forward for their actions is ultimately economic, but they continue to call Israel “the occupation” and “the enemy” even as they work there. What Jordanians need to debate and figure out practically is not only whether it is fine to buy gas from Israel or not, but more importantly whether economic rationality should trump all other rationalities or not. Is the common good ultimately a situation in which everyone is doing well economically? or is it something else? And this is not merely an intellectual matter, but a practical one lived out every day. It makes little sense, I think, to make economic well-being the ultimate demand in one domain (e.g. protests against unemployment), but then fault the state when it uses that same argument to justify buying gas from Israel. I do not know if the well-being of the economy is a true reason (or the only reason) why the state has decided to buy gas from Israel, but the argument makes practical sense to people who are already making their economic well-being the ultimate goal. Statements about Israel being the enemy or an occupying force express popular sentiments, but it is unclear what they mean practically. As practical concepts they are confused and confusing for people who just want a better economy. If anything, genuine and passionate public debate may renew commitment to these concepts and give them some coherent practical meaning, or it may give way to other concepts which function to moderate passions.. whatever concepts end up being selected they need to apply to all aspects of Jordanian political life subjectivity.. Once there is some level of agreement over what the relevant concepts are, perhaps many things will start falling into place. Or perhaps the genuine commitment to figure them out would suffice.

    These are my two piasters at any rate!

  2. I hear you but you are describing a problem without finding a solution for it! I only hear you talking about Jordanians frustration and government’s ignorance of their voices but no direction as to what Jordanians should or can do more than that to be heard!

Your Two Piasters: Moduretic Generika Drugstore