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11 thoughts on “On The Killing Of Nahed Hattar ...and why addressing the enabling environment is crucial.

  1. You are yourself part of the problem by claiming that this is not ‘Jordan’s history’ and that the killing of Nattar was an ‘extremist act’. When in truth Jordan has been an Islamic country for a long time, and all orthodox Muslims have and always will support such a killing, which is promoted by orthodox Islam not ‘extremism’

  2. This is an individual act of homicide. We have no proof that anyone else would’ve pulled the trigger. The State has to address his enabling environment. Did he grew up in an aggressive home that lacked empathy? Aggression at school? Was he not stimulated by his school curricula? Was he met with unemployment and poverty before becoming an imam? Did his frustrations grow from a lack of public amenities and venues that ensured a happy and comfortable living, where his tax money just evaporated into thin air? Was he angry, without a constructive outlet to vent except in hate speech, that culminated in crime?
    As an adult was he fostered within an extremism peer group of individuals who also grew up with similar enabling environment?
    What kind of individuals are we breeding into this world? Does Jordan not love and care for its own children, for Jordanians?

  3. @Dana, as Muslims we should also ask what type of religious indoctrination did this man get and by who? Why did he truly believe that Islam required that Nahed Hattar be put to death? Why does a large number of Muslims in Jordan and elsewhere believe that Nahed Hattar should be put to death for sharing that cartoon? Did the assassin use his position as imam to spread an extremist ideology? Are there any other imams doing that? If so how can we combat this? So on…

    The fact that Muslims after every act of religious extremism say “let’s talk about everything except religion” only shows that we are not serious about solving the problem of fundamentalism/extremism in our societies.

  4. Dana is correct. This should be prosecuted in a court of law as murder. Don’t blame Religion. Blame people who practice a warped form of Religion, where a man is murdered because of a drawing. Shun these fundamentalists. Also where are your Religious leaders. They should speak out about these crazy acts of extremism. They should condemn. To kill in the name of God is blasphemy. I have no knowledge of your country. If you practice a Religion I do believe in enforcement of basic religious thoughts & acts. Religious leaders should state what this man did was evil. To kill another human being. And for people that preach hate, You should acknowledge incitement, & perhaps some form jof punishment. But you should not murder people because they draw a picture of God. Of course we should be sensitive to peoples religious beliefs. But this does not give them the right to kill you because they disagree with you. If you are truly religious you would forgive a person who makes slight of your religion. But I am afraid there are a lot of brainwashed people who are not in control of their own minds. I blame any Imam who incites these feeble minded people into committing murder, they should be prosecuted. Religious leaders need to step up condemn & enforce decent religious behaviour.

  5. “Also where are your Religious leaders. They should speak out about these crazy acts of extremism. They should condemn.”

    They have. Religious leaders both in Jordan (al-Ifta’) and elsewhere (al-Azhar) have condemned the murder. The problem is that this “warped form” of religion has become widespread in our society.

    Another problem is that attempts to correct people’s false understanding of Islam are seen by many as attempts (or conspiracies) to impose foreign views on Muslim societies.

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