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6 thoughts on “Why Jordan’s Banning Of Mashrou Leila is Problematic Or, How To Softly Kill A Progressive Movement

  1. A v good read as ever, thanks.

    It is too much “similar”, the root causes I mean. The lack of apathy that you once talked about comes rushing-in in the example of banning this musical group. It is insane but then again it is totally in harmony with this bloody status quo.

    The selectivity in applying whatever norms or traditions garment to suit the jacket or suit is totally dragging us behind, on all fronts.

    I do not know but every (EVERY!) incident such as this makes me think of the little tender boats, is it high-time to use them and escape the ship or not yet. I honestly do not know. The escape might be in actually running away, if not for good then for a while but not everyone can afford this. Those would eventually decide to use a different kind of a mechanism to escape, it will be ugly and many many people are warning against this but nothing is being done. A nation/country of (everyone said but no one acted).

    *I am not sure if you heard this, nor if it is accurate, but it seems that bishop (apologies if the title is incorrect) Rifa’t Badr is the one behind the Governor of Amman’s decision.

    Nas is [a bit] angry!

  2. Excellent article. Jordan is indeed a country that wishes to appear progressive compared to its neighbors. The room for tolerance I’m Jordan has a long way to go. It’s been moving backward ever since 2003.

  3. Not that I am against progressive movement but who can listen to such music for more than seconds? the language is not clear, trying to be English-Arabic, and without a personality. How about you start with cleaning the streets?

  4. “So the country is currently split unevenly between those that want to move forward and those that prefer to stand still; progressives and conservatives. The latter, unfortunately, remains politically empowered.”

    I’m sure you know this but the “latter” make up the overwhelming majority of the Jordanian population. It’s not remotely even close. It’s actually much worse that what you imply here, the majority of Jordanians are fine with banning Leila. In fact they would probably be okay if you were jailed for writing this article, if not worse.

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