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2 thoughts on “From Brussels With Love In The Aftermath Of The Paris Attacks, Europe Struggles To Understand What Comes Next.

  1. After reading this, an immediate idea I cannot curb is the (us / them) notion. The disparity & disunity at the level of analysis of being.. human! I am not, for a minute, suggesting that such an idea is a magical theme that would breed a solution to a cruel reality, but it is just what goes through my mind.

    “… we’ve been ‘managing’ them” & “… in the Muslim world, there’s a ‘Paris’ everyday” are two powerful representative lines of what is at play nowadays, and -probably- why as well.

    I do not know what would the shape of an EU (& beyond) backing look like but I can imagine to a large extent the consequences of it.

    1. In the Muslim world, indeed, “there is a Paris every day,” and it occurs most often when Muslims murder Muslims. To use the events of Paris as a back-handed slap at the French or non-Muslims generally misses the larger reality.

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