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9 thoughts on “The Socioeconomics Of Bad Weather In Jordan Why We Shouldn't Be Shocked By The Mayor's Statements

  1. Naseem, I wish this “post” did not end. Not for getting a source of “personal” gratification of some sort by agreeing and feeling raged about all this and then,, just go-by the remainder of the day, no. Rather, I really think, like many others, that you pinpoint what is really at play (isn’t it a play actually what we are seeing/suffering!!) on certain issue we face, and more importantly, the linkages between matters that give a direction into the how & why something occurs along with the “what next”.

    It is this “what next” which I wish you (we) start tackling, seriously tackling, down in operational, in-depth and explicit manner. One that gives sense, as opposed to making sense!, to another, more realistic and subtle context of what is going on.
    A reactive mode of operating is -simply- ineffective in and by its own. Enough!
    In a way the after-math “practices” & “compensations” are what most of us have (I am talking about the top-down; the many efforts of the other have-nots are heroic and can never be fully appreciated). The problem is, as you wrote, when this is the only “practice” which is rudely, to say the least, charity-flavoured, when it is painted with a false comparisons with other areas, regions, and countries then all this shall have a continuation element, a plain deadly one! (
    “…there‚Äôs nothing shocking about it” – ??????! ?? ????? ????? ??????. ?? ????? ????? ??? ?????? ????? ?? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ???????? ????? ???


    I believe anyone who witnessed what happened lately can feel the sadness in your words. I hope it is ok to say this; I cannot imagine, how you were feeling whilst typing this

    1. the “what next” is inherently difficult. speaking for myself – i’m a writer. our job is to point things out and bring attention to them, and at best, attempt to inspire a different narrative; a different way of seeing and talking about the issues. but it’s really people who need to take these words (and those of many, many others) and make something tangible out of them. community organizing and advocacy are extremely limited in jordan – especially on matters that hurt when you poke them.

      p.s. i wrote the first draft in anger and then slept on it, which is the advisable thing to do. woke up and still felt angry, but at least it made more sense to me.

  2. Well, I’m from Holland, where we have battled water for centuries. Still, disasters happen, even while we have spent billions to prevent/contain damage. You simply cannot plan for excesses like this. Who can predict that the capital of the second poorest water country in the world will drown? NO ONE! However, you can help by at least keeping garbage of the streets and not blocking essential pipes!

    1. I think there’s a difference between Dutch water-related disasters and what happened in Amman.
      When the Netherlands has a water-related disaster, it’s the literal motherfucking ocean that suddenly decides to stop in and say hello.
      This was 45 minutes of rain.

  3. Brilliant !!!!! Im a Malaysian in Irbid….i wonder why don`t you guys at least ask for drainage system…the government should fear the citizens not otherwise…btw….your ideas are really superbbbb

  4. Unfortunately, Jordanians are made to live in an age where any questioning of the government actions or mishaps is immediately seen as an aggressive act of anarchy! I was expecting more people to show their anger, but it seems everyone just moved on like nothing has happened. Not one government official was blamed for anything as usual! It’s such events and more that keep me from ever thinking of returning home. I don’t think I can stand to stay silent while my country is being abused by corrupt elites! Wait for the next wave of rain to flood the city again. Hopefully this time it will affect the Western Amman rather than the poorest parts of the city

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