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4 thoughts on “Solving Amman’s Traffic Bottlenecks Why Traffic Management Solutions Might Not Be Enough To Save The City

  1. Thanks for this Nas. One good effort indeed; liked your clarifying example (Abdullah Ghoshe St.) even for a non-Ammani like me it showed how deep a problem this is (and continuing to be).

    I only hear about Amman traffic, I have been away from home for the past 6-7 years and even when I had job positions in the capital I, some way or another, managed to escape the proliferation of vehicles (location, shifts-based work, ..)

    I am saying this because on March & April this year I went back to Jordan for a quick visit. I needed to commute from Zerqa to Jordan 5 days / week for 7 weeks and it was hell! Absolutely terrifying and “soul”-consuming.

    You pointed out to genuine endogenous reasons responsible for the current state of Amman traffic. A big part of the problem is, in my view, the entanglement of elements that constitute a solution to this. The quick fixes, apparently, won’t do! In 2005/2006 (if Yarmouk’s economics & management school statistics in addition to my “lovely” memory are to be trusted) 96% of the gross Jordanian economical activity was based in Amman. Not entirely sure if this has shifted a lot in a decade but it gives an indication of how Cairo-ian we are headed.

    Working on two leveled-solution scheme seems applausable in such situations (but talk is easy of course, let me paint this here with my realist brush rather than at the end of this paragraph); short-term and long-term. Making life bearable and focusing on roads that are in dire need for expansions/detours/etc.. “short-term” and, in the same time, prioritising what we need Amman to be in 15-20 years and how to act accordingly in terms of urban planning “long-term”. Surely, a mechanism for organising the two is crucial as well. The practicalities of seeing such a scheme operational is [insert new black iris post here?] 🙂

    ? ???? ???? ??????!
    Again, allow me to say that it is great to see you writing again Naseem

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