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4 thoughts on “Breakfast In Amman, With Mahathir Mohamad Lessons From The Malaysian Experience

  1. Thanks Naseem. I think we can make good use of an objective comparative analysis of such stories. There will, surely, be a lot of aspects and sub-elements to factor in but a) worth the trouble/struggle b) needed for a change to take place.

    I agree to what you post said + is heading. Part of the problem is asking better questions but this is, in my view, no way separable on agreeing on a mechanism, or just a few at most, for execution (or a start of one). Aren’t we all sick & tired of formulation (scenarios, planning, forecasting, analysing, autopsying, MORE planning) of what to become, what legacy to leave, and what our story will (shall?) be, and in disparate need (and escalating) for implementation? Maybe that was part of what Mr Mohamad meant by setting [some] limits on freedom of speech, democracy process, etc… maybe! No plan is perfect, no path is without a counter-view but keeping in mind that there are agreed on objectives and clear accountability then a ball can get rolling, as it should, one day! He is definitely right, though, on us crafting our own solution(s). Looking for a silver bullet answer derived from others experiences, for a quick-fixed, one size fits all (or some) is not the sort of thinking we need. Gaining wisdom and acting accordingly, yes, please, by all means.
    I think that listening as well as re-listening to such talks is fruitful; one can combine the wisdom and spread of Google “knowledge” with revisiting the contents of talks and get new, fresher insights. This being said, it should always be taken objectively. You provided good examples of contradictions, at least on the surface of matters.
    I can see I myself produced more of ought-to rather than how-to comment but it would take a longer space than I already occupied! + it probably won’t sound viable or sane – assuming the rest of this comment does! 🙂
    These two lines grabbed my attention the most:

    – … the pressures of the IMF
    – … and most importantly, still dead
    I never would have guessed he is 90 by now!

    1. Oh wow, that’s hilarious.

      “Kapsul’s storyline involves a time capsule actually planted by Mahathir when he was prime minister as part of Vision 2020, his grand plan for Malaysian development. In the story, the capsule is stolen and the main character, Faizal Hussein, travels back to 1942 to recover it. As a time traveler, he witnesses the hardships of the Japanese occupation, and an important turning point in the struggle for independence.”

      Sounds a bit like propaganda.

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