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2 thoughts on “Ongoing Maintenance Please Excuse The Mess

  1. Hello Nas.
    It is so nice and refreshing that you are back to “this”.

    I have read your reflexivity-bounded, personal, and vivid trilogy. Thought about placing a comment but honestly did not have something “beneficial” to add. Just wishing you patience, strength, and wisdom in following your newly sought endeavours.

    Like many others, & do believe when the stress is on “many”, we waited for your posts and even your replies on commentators all these years; it is -again- a good thing you decided to roll the dice. Good as in for all of us even who/when disagree/~ing with you.

    PS: in your “About” page the Zumra links to the following page Moduretic Generika Drugstore . Thought you might want to edit the hyperlink (the comments are closed over there so I thought of telling you here)

    Welcome back!

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