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How To Help Gaza From Jordan

With the Israeli attack on Gaza ongoing, and the death toll continuing to climb to over 700; between the headlines and the imagery, there is a fusion of emotions ranging from anger and frustration, to empathy and helplessness that I’m sure most Jordanians can relate to. While there’s little that can be done with the anger and frustration, the helplessness at least can be addressed, especially if you’re in Jordan. To the north we have Syrian refugees continuing to flee to Jordan by the hundreds every day; to the east we have ISIL attempting to purge Iraqi Christians (and women) from existence, and to the west there’s Israel and its continued bombardment of Gaza.

So 48 hours ago I posted a status on Facebook asking the community to suggest anything that can be done to help the people that are under attack. I got various responses and thought it would be good to compile them here, in a single blog post, that could serve as a useful reference point for anyone who wants to help, in any small way imaginable. This is not meant to be a final list – it’s a living document for the next while, and anyone who has any more information they can provide, feel free to post it as a comment and I’ll include it. While the main focus is Gaza, I’ll also try to highlight relief efforts geared towards Syrians and Iraqis.

I hope this can be of some use to some one: (scroll down for the most recent item)

1) Tkiyet Um Ali is sending 15,000 food packages to Gaza for internally displaced families. Each package costs 40JDs and having purchased a few myself I can say that the process is quick and convenient. Volunteers are also needed to box the packages.

2) My father-in-law, Dr. Hamde Abu Adas, having helped out in Gaza during the 2009 war, is heading back there in a few days as part of a team of Jordanian doctors volunteering through the Medical Association. So they will be collecting money and medical supplies. He is more than willing to help with the collection, so if there are any interested parties who want to make a donation ASAP, then send me an email with your information and I’ll forward the right contact details.

3) You can contribute funds through the Awqaf (Islamic Affairs) Ministry for Gazan orphans.

4) You can pay the wounded Gazans at the Medical City Hospital a visit. While I’m sure a lot of people have already given a great deal, providing some emotional support can still go a long way. These people have been to hell and back.

5) Educate yourself. Here’s a good post on how.

6) The Online Project and Visualizing Palestine just teamed up to launch a visual awareness raising campaign targeting the American public. Both organizations have done some great work in the past, and Visualizing Palestine has seen a. If you want to help with the initiative, contact Feras Hilal.

7) You can donate online through the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

8) You can make a donation through Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP) that are raising money for medical supplies to Gaza.

9) You can donate through UNRWA, which has launched aFlash Appeal to raise $60 million for affected families.

10) You can sponsor a child from Palestine through Al Monasara Islamic Zakat Committee for 25JDs a month (or 300JDs at the beginning of the year).

11) Attend a fundraiser for Gaza by Dozan Wa Awtar, on August 7th and 8th. Tickets for 20JDs.

Prayer For Gaza

12) Attend a candle lighting in solidarity with Gaza, on Sunday, July 27th at the King Hussein Park.

13) Attend Music from Amman to Gaza fundraiser at AlBalad Theater on July 31st at 7pm.

14) You can find out ways to donate food, blood, and medical supplies through the Professional Associations who are running an ongoing campaign to help Gaza. They are attempting to send volunteer doctors to Gaza. Phone numbers are provided in the link.

15) Yoga for Gaza: all proceeds will go to helping people in Gaza.

16) Amman Chamber of Commerce is raising funds, especially from the private sector. You can call them at: 566-6151

17) You can donate through the Welfare Association’s Gaza appeal. The independent non-profit is providing humanitarian relief to Palestinians.

18) Attend the AUB Alumni Gaza Fundraiser at the Zaha Cultural Center on August 22nd.



Footnote: Thanks to everyone who continues to send me links and contribute to the list!


  • How about some pressure to the regimes that are openly encouraging the siege of Gaza. Gaza would not be under siege if Egypt’s government wasn’t a partner in crime in starving the place.  But I guess since they are buddy buddy with you know who, I guess that’s out of the question.

  • Thanks for compiling the same list for Iraqi s in Jordan. Already participated in campaigns for Gaza and Syria but cannot seem to find similar efforts for Iraqis other than direct contributions to the churches where they currently reside.

  • Love The way you write:open And with style. Learned a lot about culture And live in Jordan. Was wondering if you could also shine your light on The refugiee-camp Zaatari Thats getting bigger Every day and not far from Amman….


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