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2 thoughts on “Jordan’s Predictable Municipal Elections And The Syria Factor

  1. Hey man, very interesting readings!
    I’m going to Jordan in October ( I’m 30 years old, masters political science and independant traveler). I was just interested to have your take in visiting your country. I know about most of the touristy stuff but I would like to have the opinion on the safety of tourists at a moment when we hear so much about military intervention in Syria. In my opinion, I am pretty sure your country won’t be affected (not physically I mean even though terrorism threats could be higher) and that tourists won’t be affected but I would stille love to have the views of a local. That would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Matt,

    Welcome to Jordan in advance! I don’t think you should be running in to any troubles here. It’s a relatively stable and secure country. Yes, terrorism threats are likely to have increased, but in the context of things it’s most likely no more than what you’d find in western nations, including the US. Syria is close, and the spillover effect is evident, but I do not anticipate any major impact, God willing. So I hope you have a pleasant stay in the country.

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