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7 thoughts on “Jordan: A 2012 Retrospective And Where The Country Goes From Here

  1. Naseem,

    I just want to thank you for your continued excellent blogging. It is certainly one of the most consistently interesting and high quality blogs I have come across and I feel as though it keeps me very well informed of the political landscape over there in Jordan.

    I only lived in Jordan for two years and very much enjoyed my time there. I really feel as though it has a crucial role to play in the Middle East aided by its relative stability and open dialogue with other nations outside of the region. (Interestingly, I did not really feel as though the key role which I perceive Jordan to have was a viewpoint shared by many Jordanians – I think it is something which all Jordanians should be proud of and careful to cultivate).

    Wishing everyone who happens across this comment a very happy new year, and a prosperous and safe Jordan for 2013.

  2. The “vision to implementation” problem is what many troubled corporations face as they set out the right strategies (often aided by very expensive consultants) but are unable to execute. And it’s all about that follow through and execution, which can only be done by a determined, strong leadership.

  3. I would remind Naseem that Jeffry feltman said the same thing About Egypt, his “Egypt is not Tunisian” and we all know the the rest of the story. My disagreement with you and many people like you, is that Jordan is very similar to both tunisia and Egypt let me enlist the similarities , Tunisia had a one man show style of government , Jordan does, Tunisia was swimming in corruption and Jordan is not only swimming in corruption and ” but drawing in it , Tunisia overthrown ruler had used his intelligence apparatus to rule that country , and “our” king has been using the same methods to extend his rules and we all know these methods are the thing of the past Nd eventually this insurance policy will fail miserably like it did in many regions , and it is only the future and time that were are going to discover that Tunisia ,Egypt And Jordan have been dealing with same issues and problems that led to the revolt ..

  4. Tried to post this earlier, you might get two messages.

    Anyway, I am an American specialist in the Middle East presently visiting Amman. I normally follow Jordanian politics through the media – Arabic media – but right now trying to meet people here in the city while I am here. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk.

    Where Buy Accutane Online


  5. First of all let me just thank you for your insightful blogging. Secondly i beg you to blog more often. Thirdly to the free jordanian : free your mind before trying to free jordan. It might be your country…. but it is mine aswell.that being said we are definetly not egypt or tunis . Before i continue please consider my position.i am a christian ( 1 of about 5%) what i have seen happen in all of the so called revolution countries is lack of system , rise of illegal weapons and growing extremism. Now i am not a supporter of the king or on that point the government and the parliament all together. I think our legal system lacks independance and there is a huge lack of transparency of government actions. For example training rebels in jordan to go into syria (jordan still denies) while abcnews the times and even AP have confirmed it. I also think some laws we have are rubbish . For example does anyone here know how the custom tariff is calculated for electronic items, heres a hint the law chases itself in circles so as to create a loophole. Now that being said i will not go and revolt and any that think that that is the only way for us to get back on the right track is fundamentally WRONG. We have never been on the right track.! Please people open your eyes a conspiracy is unfolding itself in the middle east… i dont claim to know facts about it but i am going to say beware search the historyof people before you believe anything they say… read headlines from contradicting news sources what is true is what collaborates from both sides … ask yourself who has vested interest in what. This is important because you might influence your children or young people from your inconsiderate comments. A revolution is no fairy tale . As they say careful what you wish for.

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