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24 thoughts on “Wednesday Blackout: Jordan Moves To Censor The Internet, Again

  1. Amazing entry.

    I too kept my hopes up and always believed the state will one day turn things around and come to its senses. But with each passing day I come to the realization that these reforms and corrections aren’t actually going anywhere. I’ve always believed, but in the past couple of months alone I’ve watched my belief slowly deteriorating, until this ban finally broke the camel’s back and now I’m as apathetic as I would have ever feared I’d ever be.

  2. “The fact that censorship just doesn’t work. People who want to consume certain content will find ways to consume it…”

    A friend who frequently travels to Riyadh on business tried, out of curiosity, to see how easy it would (or wouldn’t) be to get around the porn blocks.

    The solution was simple – search for pornographic terms in a foreign language.

    Internet censorship is much like prohibition was in the U.S. – when you tell people they can’t have something, that their freedoms are being curtailed, they want that something more than ever before.

  3. Suha Ma’ayeh: I think this is largely due to how we see things. if we believe Jordan is home to successive government that actually creat public policy, draft laws and issue them – then that’s one thing. If we believe that we are home to a shadow government made up largely of the security apparatus and the royal court…then that’s quite another thing. where we come down on such perspectives influences what we believe about the learning curve of a government.

  4. This is not about porn. It never was. It’s about achieving the aims of the few under the guise of the desires of the moral majority. Jordan lacks any kind of credibility when it comes to political reform and having traveled the world I can honestly say I’ve never seen a country with a more hopeless bunch of non-representative parliamentarians. Incompetence, self-interest and intransigency are the hallmarks of its political, social, academic, commercial and industrial leaders. It is a country bereft of vision and censoring the internet will insure that its booming, increasingly desperate and unemployed young population are educated in an environment that is free of ideas. There are only two ways that this will end, one of them is a return to the 9th century and the other is the spring that dares not speak its name which will surely knock on the doors of Jordan’s government not long after the Syrian situation is resolved.

  5. It’s baffling, just baffling. Where was this question when Charlie Rose interviewed King Abdullah a couple of weeks ago? How does Jordan, the “modern state”, the “beacon of hope”, the “Silicon Valley of the Middle East” answer questions about its regression plans? It’s embarrassing, it’s disastrous. But unlike you, I’m not thirsty for any change anymore. I totally, completely, give up.

  6. Well-written.

    With pressing issues like water, electricity, Syrian refugees, why would this particular law be given priority? If anything, it is hilarious when you think of a government that lacks morality, accountability and sense to claim that censorship is driven by its sole intention to protect people from pornography. Please give people their basic needs, a voice in the political process and rule of the law first. When the corrupt tackles morality, what a joke!

    I don’t think this is a matter for the state to choose, it’s up for the people.

  7. Mercy Qutishat: sorry, i’m not sure if your comment was in support of the blocking or against it. i got that you’re not a fan of porn (although that’s not the point here), but you’re also not a fan of the government wasting time on this issue. did i get that right?

  8. I am angry, I am disappointed and I am so sad for my country and its youth. I am sadder than I have ever been for Jordan. It’s not only because of this, but because of the lack of action and the nonchalant attitude this government is proceeding with, avoiding the inevitable. I am sad because I can almost smell the fire that no doubt is coming, and I can only pray harder that others will also smell it or see its thick smoke.

  9. I’ve thought about this and I don’t think it’s apathy we’re feeling Nas. I think this year has successfully managed to remove any trace of romanticism and idealism from us… we now face reality.

    This is a lawless country, things work depending on what’s best for the official making decisions at any given point in time (and his friends, nephews, in laws, etcetera). Once this person is gone, the person after him makes a different set of decisions that depend on what’s best for him (and his friends, nephews, in laws, etcetera).

    Yes. It isn’t apathy. It’s reality. I don’t think we can change anything.

  10. I just realized it’s been years (i think) since i last commented on a blog… damned micro-blogging sites.. remember, we used to call them that?

    May I express a frustration of another sort Nas, the fact that we -as a society- out right don’t know how to oppose one another on matters that we think and feel differently about!

    Mind you, the fact that i need to start a conversation with an explicit disclaimer that i’m against internet censorship just to “but” it with an alternative perspective; is very telling of the fact that many are too full of them selves when it comes to what they think is right!

    I was -through my work in prep’ing for the upcoming AmmanTT panel discussion on this subject Generic Levitra Online Uk – accused of “pandering” by fierce opponents of censorship for merely not taking an “explicit stand” and thus passing a gov’t agenda AND prejudged as “impartial” by the pro-censorship folks for merely representing the “techies crowd” that will be an “unfair duel”..

    the sheer polarization of opinion is startling.. leaving no space for the way long overdue conversation to take place.. labeling is prompt and instantaneous discrediting is abrupt.

    If you dare to mention the fact that UAE & South Korea is lumped up along with KSA, Iran & China in the “Pervasive Internet” censorship bracket; to illustrate that censorship in principle doesn’t necessarily harm technological advancement nor the appeal for investment in the telecom & tech fields.. you’re immediately fawned upon and deemed a censorship apologetic!

    I’ll leave it at that example, but my takeway from this stand off, our society at large got a long way to submit to the inevitability of differences and the necessity of pluralism!

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