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10 thoughts on “Carrots And Sticks: How Jordan’s Appeasement Policy Killed Law And Order

  1. @Hamzeh: i agree with that. like most policies, the lack the competence is always one of the biggest impediments. but i think there remains a line to be drawn in the sand, and that line must be kept – and i think there might be enough competence to get at least that much done.

    @Brett: thanks, i appreciate that.

  2. it seems hard to write any article these days in Jordan about violence without having one bigger violent event happening right after you hit the publish button.

    you barely posted this and now we have a major gunfight and war zone inside a university, none other than mutah in karak which of course has always been known for violence maybe not on this scale for the reasons you mentioned in this article.
    police and officials seem to forget about punishing anyone when it comes to “tribes and clans” an evolutionary relic of the past and of imperial colonialism.
    I think is important to study the case of Somalia where the English supported tribal favoring because it gave them better control for some time and it ended with what the word Somalia now defines!

    the police seems to know how to handle demonstrations at da5liyeh and manages to kill a demonstrator asking for reform and knows how to handle demonstrations kilometers away from the Israeli embassy but careless about the degradation and “somalization” of the country.

  3. Jordanians have been saying this for years now…. we do not have reinforcement of the law . . . that is why we are a third world country . . . but Jordanians are also to blame. . . a community only gets the leadership and the government it deserves . . . take driving in Jordan for example . . . we have very good traffic laws . . . but try and convince people to follow the rules:)

    1. @Raya: I agree to some extent. However, the act of a large population following rules, such as traffic laws, are incumbent on those rules being enforced by a higher authority. Without that enforcement, no one feels accountable to anything or anyone. People act and react to these mechanisms of accountability. If they’re absent, so becomes their sense of adherence to a non-accountable system. More importunity, once you have those systems you create a different kind of culture that’s infused in this, and the next generation of citizens. It doesn’t happen over night.

      With this in mind, those responsible for creating and enforcing accountability is the government and it’s leadership. That is exactly why they exist in the first place.

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