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14 thoughts on “Jordan: One Of The Most Militarized Nations On Earth

  1. although as you have mentioned we don’t have the exact number for where this money goes, any Jordanian can pretty much assume it goes to salaries and thefts by the people high-up.

    Israel and Singapore and other countries make some profit from their military expenditures because they have industrial and technological capabilities in the first place, Jordan is a backward third world country that cannot direct better spending for this money because our industry is so primitive and we are plagued by a ruling system and government from the middle ages, oops I forgot, yes we could export a patriotic “jameed” and rent some of those soldiers as mercenaries.

    Jordan is divided into 2 halves, one directly befitting from the Army/Security apparatus and the other half is the milking cow paying for them

  2. 1-I would love to live to see the Minister of Finance and/or PM, or the Parliament that has the b@#$%^&or, or can survive our two item military budget (capital and operational without any further details!!!!).
    2- My wish is unlikely to be fulfilled though, especially since the demographics in your article+rise of veteran party+new constitutional amends + regional trends= military complex will figure as a force in our next elections….next to MB’s. So much for any hope that military spending will come under any serious scrutiny. If anything, we will probably climb up the scale…thank you for a well needed piece..

  3. Dear Nas
    As long as the defense budget does not include large proportions of soon-to-be sunk costs (a precise economic term), I guess we are fine and the large defense budget is defensible :-). As indicated in your post about I tend to believe that 90% of the defense budget is recurring and current cost (salaries, services, pensions etc). Moreover, we know that most spending on arms/weapons (once obtained become largely sunk) come from foreign assistance. Note that Jordan does not buy arms for example like Saudi Arabia or the Gulf States. One might say, why Jordan does not request such aid in another form? The answer is simple. Arms/weapon aid is simply a mechanism that the US government for example uses to supports its military industry. This can adds up with so many countries receiving US military aid. Also, it is a mechanism to get rid of stocks of outdated weapons.

    The Arab (Jordanian) Army as an institution simply functions as an integral part of the public sector which provides a wide range of services from affordable consumer goods through (المؤسسة العسكرية الاستهلاكية), educational support ( (المكرمة الملكية للتعلي health services ( الخدمات الطبية), housing (الاسكان العسكري)in addition to security services ( حماية وامن الوطن). Such roles are not fulfilled to a large extent in other countries as much as in Jordan.

    Given all the corruption charges that we see in most of the civilian part of the government, it is my personal opinion that the army/military institution is less corrupted than its civilian counterparts (although for sure it is not immune from corruption, Abdally and and General Thahabi testify to that). Indeed, there must be some kind of scrutiny to ensure effectiveness and efficiency and fiscal discipline in the budget for such large bureaucracy. Finally, please note that the productive capacity of the Jordanian economy as a whole is not so efficient or effective to transform or free resources from the military for other uses.

  4. @Taisir so you think its ok to take taxes from the actual productive working citizen and hand it over to some non productive army personnel and give him a pension, top quality health care and give his son a privilege of education over another student who is a lot more qualified.


    you can read my first post which said: “Jordan is divided into 2 halves, one directly befitting from the Army/Security apparatus and the other half is the milking cow paying for them”

  5. the military is indeed providing some kind of (primitive) social system to half of the population,, the other half has to manage by itslef.. In fact there is no proper social system in the country and we have to pay a lot of money to get decent health care and education; almost each person / family owns a car or two because the government failed / never cared of establishing a practical means of public tranportation, etc…

    Much of the money spent in military used to go to unnecessary deals (many weapons and systems are not necessary anyway) and to the pockets of a few high ranking officers who represent the weapon industry abroad.

  6. Pingback: Buspar Buy Online
  7. Ok, this is the deal. You are jealous. This is how it goes in Jordan, if the army did not exist, you would complain the Social Security and if the Social Security did not exist you would complain about Royal Court Grants for Citizens with Cancer and why you do not have Cancer to get grants like “the others” and if the Royal Court gives you money for absolutely no reason every week you will complain why is it not twice a week?

    The money for the Army moron is half aid from the US not your tax dollars – yeh, with a name like 6a7boush I am sure you pay the government a hefty and whopping JD200 a year in taxes so whatever is spent is financed partially by grants from friends. Next, if you take out salaries, education, Health, etc. which I am sure your likes do not want anyone else to have — social security, screw social security no? me me me right? to hell with everyone else? Greedy much!!!! Jordan’s higher purchases are also attributed to deals with KADDB which is another Jordanian company, and that modernizing the army at a much rates that buying from the USA or the UK, which is fine by me.

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