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18 thoughts on “Jordan’s AlGhad Newspaper Prints Fake Interview With Henry Kissinger

  1. I actually read the article online, and not in Al Ghad. On the website where I read this article, it was not mentioned that the article was satirical and I even tweeted the link to the article and posted it on my FB wall. The comments that were found on that page following the article also showed that readers had no idea that the article was a satirical piece and most comments resonated on the frequencies of “henry lost his mind”…

    I was skeptical myself when I read the lines in the article about the Playstation game Call of Duty and how henry believed that youth playing this game were being prepared for war… but again, there was no mention that the article was not genuine.

  2. This is not the first time that Alghad publishes misleading material. They are also very biased and one-sided against some very important projects, and some of their journalists fabricate facts in order to support their biases. I have stopped reading it a while ago.

  3. Very nice and sober investigation work! Beautiful show of ‘I ain’t gon get fooled and believe everything just because
    it was written’

    Anyone believing one of the greatest diplomats in the history would let a junk like this out of his mouth must be either an ignorant not willing and caring to analyse or someone with low empathy and lack of knowledge of world politics.

  4. Are all people here just glad that it is satire and scared of the truth? nothing in the content of the article didn’t make sense, wether Henry kissinger said it or not. Hk was used to spell it out, cos his “”real”politik reputation.

  5. The problem with this kind of thing, other than the obvious, that it’s false. Someone somewhere will pick it up, and begin it all over again, and in different languages. The chain keeps going as if it’s real. See Mustafa’s post above on Sept. 2012, well I was on a Russian social media site, and they too have misinformation and a republishing these kinds of things! Here, it’s in Russian. Testogel Cialis Online

    There’s good and bad about the internet. But this false information especially when it talks of war, and the people are ‘practicing” this scares the common people, and creates these “survivalists” who become suspicious of the government, and are a danger to themselves and their own countrymen. We have them in America, and I’m sure in Russia now too. They are misinformed, and it is replicated itself like some info virus. It’s at least very disconcerting that people will believe such things without investigating further. But, then again, they’ve become so mistrustful, they would believe it’s “fake”. It’s a vicious circle of paranoia and stupidity.

    I’m glad there are some of us who would do more “investigating” which is what I did and found this article. Thank you.

  6. Pingback: Cheap Kamagra Soft
  7. The Daily Squib have utilised satire or Accurate Satire to propel a prophesy of the future. This is going to happen as it was written. The EU is gearing up for war by building their own army now. They are in a rush. Russia is still in Ukraine. Remember the Daily Squib article was written before Russia invaded half of Ukraine. The Middle East is still open season. Why does ISIS never attack Israel? Yemen is war. Syria a quagmire. It is all coming true.

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