By The River Jordan

I thought these images were quite interesting and worth posting up. While the Baptism site is considered one of Jordan’s national treasures, and rightly so, to say nothing of a symbol of co-existence – every time I see an event like this take place I’m reminded of the fact that this body of water may not be around very long. These images of people holding up empty plastic bottle waiting to be filled are quite metaphorical. The river has been sucked dry over the decades (mostly by Israeli farms) to nothing more than a trickle of murky water, which has been polluted several times with sewage water. These images are a reminder of a piece of heritage that is currently in the process of being lost.

Photos by Reuters.

A pilgrim walks past a Jordanian flag after filling a plastic bottle with baptism water following a mass on the Jordan River.

Christian pilgrims wait to fill plastic bottles with baptism water after a mass at a baptism site on the Jordan River.


  • مياه عادمة تأتي من قطعان المستوطنين الصهاينة ØŒ والشعب الأردني يتعمد فيها

  • restoring the River Jordan would solve water problems in Jordan – the politicians and experts say it is impossible to restore the river, i,e. they admit they GAVE UP as has almost everyone – it is becoming a tradition to give up quickly, it is becoming part of our culture.

    the Red- Dead canal project is justified by lack of fresh water and retreat of the dead sea which is mostly due to mismanagement of available water resources + stealing the Jordanian share of river Jordan by the zionsists – in fact the red dead intends to 1) cover up Isreali crimes of replacing the water with sewage and 2) to use the funds for maintaining and strengthening the currently existing clientelism in Jordan.

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