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2 thoughts on “Looking Back At 2011 And Jordan Amidst The Arab Awakening

  1. The questions that begs for an answer are : Is the country moving in the right direction or the wrong direction.? What is the percentage of the people that think that the country is moving in either direction ? Is the current leadership capable of shouldering the responsibilities before them.? Will the country be sucked into violence or will things continue to be largely peaceful? Are there contingency plans in place in the event of sudden erruption of civil strife? Why we have not seen any progress on the election laws or when will a model be available for the public to see? I’m trying to make sense of it all but the more I read, analyze, and try to comprehend the more I get confused. Why is it that when we need so desperatly for a courageous decision to be made all we are getting is a pusillanimous one.?

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