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A Jordanian supporter of Syria's President Assad holds his picture as she shouts slogans against Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan in Amman

REUTERS: A Jordanian supporter of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad holds his picture as she shouts slogans against Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan during a protest against Turkish intervention in the Syrian situation, in front of the Turkish Embassy in Amman October 9, 2011.

I know their numbers are incredibly limited in Jordan, judging merely by the numbers that show up to these “I Love Asad” pep-rallies and the ones that show up in opposition – but I’d really love to ask one of them a question I’ve just been dying to ask.



  • None of them can ever come up with an answer which you might find logical. No answer can be justified regarding the matter

  • Why? Because most people are not critical and don’t switch from friend to enemy overnight. Maybe a bit of cognitive dissonance and fear of radical change. People’s brain are wired in a way that if they believe something their whole lives, mainly that Bashar’s Syria is a bastion of resistance against the Zionist entity and he is keeping the sectarian equation in check, then its hard for them to conceive that in fact that the regime is a cold-blooded, deranged entity that tortures 13 year old kids, rapes and burns women, or shoots civilians at point blank range. Sadly, people supporting Assad really mean it. Alas, the stupidity of humanity is what allows dictators to flourish.

  • I think it’s more of a sentiment of hatred towards the turks because turks aren’t arabs.

    Well, at least the turks have the decency to help, so these people need to stop being stupid and proud of their arab heritage, and their arab revolt and start supporting Turkey.

  • when i asked one of the many… WHY?? one argued that he hated israel and that he didnt have any israeli products enter syria…. oh.. really? what about the innocent people dying? hmmm ma3lish ma howeh bekrah israelllll

  • It’s simple really… Stockholm Syndrome…

    They have been hostages for so long that they begin to identify with their captors and even defend their captors…

    It’s the same in the streets of Amman with the hyper-nationalist, aggressive, anti-reformist nonsense. We are like children.

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