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Jordan Game

RETUERS: Jordan fans hold pictures of Jordan’s King Abdullah during their 2014 World Cup Asian zone qualifying soccer match against China in Amman September 6, 2011.

This photo caught my eye today. The front row is occupied by the same photo of the King (which I assume was handed out and/or sold at the stadium), while the second row is mostly flags, and then the third row features an “I Love Jordan” t-shirt train. As random as this arrangement obviously is, it reminds me how pop-patriotism often plays out in Jordan, with the King always upfront as the primary expression of nationalism, followed by, followed by, followed by.


  • I was sitting at home watching the game , as it ended, the ever annoying Otham alqreini started interviewing everyone and started each interview by congratulating and thanking the King, until Prince Ali stepped in and said that the thanks and congratulations should go to the players parents who invested in their children .

  • Pictures like these make me realize how stupid our regime is. Really !! The king’s pictures in a football game !! what if we lost the game ??

    This actually reminds me of the Olympic games in Athens 2004, when Jordanian team members held up full-size posters of the king in the opening ceremony. As far as I can remember, that was the only contribution of the Jordanians to the Olympic games !!

    “One of the Jordanians is doing a major suck job, having made his way to the edge of the crowd to hold up a full-size poster of his King, Abdullah”

  • Dear Naseem,

    Interesting sure have attention to detail. By the way I have been a proud JORDANIAN for some time now. Thanks, Mazen

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