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31 thoughts on “The March 25 Aftermath And Bridging Jordan’s Social Divide

  1. Possible Solutions / Scenarios

    Government Level Solution:

    1) A Federal Monarchy with the King as head of State / Federation : Each federal district has full and open democratic elections every four years in order to choose representative in parliament of each federal district.

    Every four years a national elections to choose Prime Minister / leading party.

    2) A constitutional Monarchy which exercises free and fair elections every four years, with a two term limit – under a proportional representation voting system to tactically influence coalition government. King to remain Head of State to ensure and maintain national Jordanian identity. Baring in mind the four year term (eight years maximum), there will be no issues of abusive of power by a potential Jordanian/Palestinian PM.

    Social Level Solution:

    A freer media to provide a stronger system of checks and balances to eliminate corruption/human rights abuses etc at government level; a free media will provide the ‘checks’ to the framework of checks and balances and can work to the advantage of a successful government (becoming more in touch with their subjects), and creating an actively engaging Jordanian Community designed on working together for a brighter and prosperous future (we don’t need natural resources to prosper, using Tunisia as an example and using our amazing literacy rates to our advantage). Government should learn to work with the media instead of against it, be open to it instead of close/silence it, interact with and love it, not hate/block it. If the government or the state is working toward creating a prosperous Jordan that benefits each and every fully pledged Jordanian citizen, it should not have anything to worry about that the media reports on. If it feels media reporting is skewed and hell bent on ruining the government and is not based on authentic and fact based reporting, then the government can take that media organisation to the courts and sue the owner for every single penny he has got (therefore also cleaning up the state of Jordanian official and established media).

  2. I would like to mention that I was first introduced to this kind of “racist” slurs when I first went to the university, the insults were written at the walls of toilets “No Facebook walls at those days 1996”, My point I doubt those slurs were written as a part of a conspiracy plan, or out of fear of the “other”, but rather based by some on cultural raising, that we should acknowledge, point at it, and face it rather than basing it on hidden outsider hands, that may lead to increase the suspicion within us.

    We are one ethnic group, through centuries our blood is mixed between Amman and Jerusalem, as it’s mixed between Amman and Irbid, I also refuse to have my loyalty questioned, and this is Jordan, and will always be Jordan.

    I like your suggestion about paying it forward to 10 others, I will do it, and I hope all contribute in it.

  3. It is rare that I agree with anyone completely, but this time I agree with everything you said.
    Regarding the anticipated ban on the loyalty demonstration, to be fair and have integrity, I think it should not be a legal ban. The King should declare that these demonstrations do not serve him or the country, and discourage people from organizing them. If a group of people choose to PEACEFULLY demonstrate against reform it is their right. Police forces need to strictly deal with anyone that breaks the law, throwing stones on people, or shooting guns in the air.
    It is obvious to me that there has been official forces behind these loyalty actions. Since I do not have material evidence to back my view, people can dispute that. But what cannot be disputed is that the government failed to do its job in protecting its citizens.

  4. I agree with you 100% Naseem. What’s worrying though is the lack of enlightened leadership that would help cool things down and defuse the charged atmosphere. Many of my own friends and acquaintances seem to have jumped the ‘loyalty’ bandwagon, most I suspect without any knowledge of what the March 24 people were demonstrating about to begin with. I do not have a good feeling about this. My instinctive response is to withdraw from the whole discourse altogether on all levels.

  5. 786
    Thanks for what is perhaps the most balanced “coverage” on blog-sphere of the unfolding situation here. After reading both this post and the previous one entirely I feel that the context of regional regime change needs to be taken into greater consideration when looking at the attitudes on the street and the posture of the government.

    There is a pattern. In both Tunisia and Egypt the protests were about economic and security concerns respectively in their initial phases and then matters escalated until enough frenzy and emotion were whipped up to call for regime change. I think anyone who has been in Jordan for more than a few weeks knows that there are elements of the society here who are opposed to the monarchy and I fear that your attempt to paint all parties as loyalists ignores that fact and leaves a gap when it comes to objectively situating the attitude of the “anti-pro-reform camp” camp.

    In your previous post you mentioned that “the organizers were unknown individuals” this is consistent also with Tunisia and Egypt. If this is the case how can we know or assume that they are loyal to the King? I am not a Jordanian, I’m a guest who considers that only a fool would know Jordan and not love it, yet I find it difficult to fathom how people can claim loyalty to the monarch while “demanding” that he relinquish some of his power to them on their terms. Then there is the timing.

    The fact of the matter is that two regimes have been toppled and Libya has plunged into a civil war turned proxy invasion while other governments are being challenged. Perhaps reforms are needed for Jordan to progress, perhaps those reforms are precisely the ones that are being demanded. But those who are truly loyal should see: now is not the time to protest.

    They shouldn’t have to be told. But then we don’t even know who “they” are.

    La hawla wa la quwata ila billah. Allah protect this wonderful land, its Hashimi rulers, and its people, all of them, and frustrate the plans of those who would harm her. Amin.

  6. Nas,

    You either support the violent anti reform groups or condone what they did, because condoning by definition means you understand that what they did was wrong, which logically should “negate” support, unless we are dealing with illogical motives or beings. Whoever did that should be brought to justice no doubt.

    Anyway, I think you are honest in conveying your feelings of fear, but lets not forget that our emotional apparatuses are not good at assessing the situation. We should be afraid, but lets be so rationally, lest unsparing fear contributes to an already dangerously charged atmosphere. Lets be, as you implied, proactive and not reactionary. It is a good thing to seek support from those around us, but the enlightened and aware are already surrounded by the enlightened and aware.

    Why don’t we reach out to people who need this the most? The ones on the verge of the abyss? Therein lies the generator of the coming conflict. We should turn it off before it self sustain and we slide irrecoverable along with them. A potent way to do so would be meeting these people, face to face, in friendly atmospheres.

  7. @ “The King should declare that these loyalty demonstrations do not serve him or the country, and discourage people from organizing them”

    haha thats like Santa discouraging people from celebrating christmas!! lol as if we dont know who is really behind those…the number of people of true “loyalty” (take out all those loyal to a person not to a country, and take out most jordanian palestinians who find it difficult to be loyal to a country that questions their loyalty every morning and every night) is as low as it can get compared to other countries (compare to loyalty of the egyptians to their “country”)…

  8. عن أي وحدة وطنية تتحدثون ، وم قال أننا نريد وحدة مع نظام بلطجي ، لقد قلتها لكم من قبل وسوف أكرر اليوم، أذا كانوا يريدونها مثل ميدان التحرير فلتكن ، نحن مستعدون للمواجه مهما كان الثمن- الاكثرية يريدن التغير ولن يخيفنا هؤلاء الجبناء الذين يحتمون وراء الدرك ، أقول لكم التغير قادم قادم قادم لا محالة

  9. Pingback: Cheap Kamagra Soft
  10. I really wanted to voice my comments on what you have written, specifically the last paragraph

    “We must stand up and put an end to it, because no one else will”

    I was going to say that the way we should interpret this and implement it is key, and it should not be based on emotions, or “faz3a”, or just “do what has been done in Tahrir”, etc… but then I saw the comment by The Free Jordanian (Buying Viagra With Paypal), and I think this is exactly what should NOT be done. I’m pretty sure watching a brawl on youtube next Friday between “them” and the “others” would be entertaining to some, but that’s just the perfect recipe for failure.

    My 2 cents.

  11. the idea that ‘the 100% jordanian club’ defines its legitimacy by support of a king, born of a british woman and part of a family that was transplanted by the british from saudi arabia TO jordan less than 100 years ago…a ruler who is also married to a jordanian of palestinian decent…well, it pretty much defines the silliness of the ‘100% jordanian club’. the more i read from ‘real jordanian’ facebook page, the more it sounds like an offshoot of america’s current right wing clown, sarah palin; racist fear mongering based on self-serving political opinions born of an ignorance of history.
    jordan is without a doubt, the most important country in the middle east, planted by the wisdom and grace of God, like an island of sanity in a sea of madness.
    hmk must address racists from all sides and call them out for what they are if jordan is to stay afloat, and not drown like some cursed ship.
    in singapore, it is against the law, to insult any person on the basis of their religious or ethnic background. offenses are judged in open and fair courts. if convicted, offenders are severely punished by caning and jail. the law is not enforced because of some respect for the dignity of man. quite the opposite, it is enforced because singapore knows how dangerous ethnic clashes can be. it is enforced because in a small country with four ethnic groups and as many religions, it is a necessary step to prevent ethnic slaughter. the gaza’s, west banks, bosnias, rwandas and nazi germany’s of this world all began with the ‘dehumanisation’ of one group of people by another.
    hmk must beat this ugly genie of racism disguised as ‘patriotism’ back into to its bottle and cast it to the depths of the dead sea…where it belongs.

  12. What is a pure Jordanian one can ask? How old is Jordan as a country? This façade of nationalism is ridiculous, there is no such thing as a “pure” Jordanian anymore we are mixed so mixed. that the idea of whomever trying (and unfortunately succeeding) to split us up into sectarian divides is working very well indeed.

    THere are so many things we are not told, like the Tuesday before the 24th some of the “reformists” met with the King, and he laid it out to them what the plans for reform were, if that is the case why did they still insist on the 2sit-in” on a Thursday to Friday night the busiest night and on one of the busiest junctions where everyone passes by and it gets extremely congested? And then to turn around pretend to be surprised by the anger some people felt at that. The problem is that in the rural areas someone stands up and say that these protesters are against the king and there you have it truckloads of “loyalists” pour into town and cause more chaos.

    A vicious cycle is what we have entered, and it doesn’t help to play the blame game, I am opposed to the 100% Jordanian sites. I am appalled (but not surprised, I mean think of where the policemen are from and the security/daraks) at the violence used on the protesters, and above all else disgusted by how easily everyone chose a side.

    I understand the frustration, and the irritation when prices are sky-rocketing high, and people are embezzling this country left right and centre with impunity and no conscience, it makes me want to up and at them.
    But if we are to have and effect any change it should be done slowly, logically, dispassionately, and not hysteria…

    When will we ever learn not to be so reactionary? This is one of the reasons a lot of thinkers say that we are not ready for democracy because we would not know what to do with it, and add to that the “Jordanian” sense of entitlement and the fact that everyone wants to be boss!

    We are a nation divided , this much is clear now, we have been given the wake up call and now it is time for us to band together to solve rather than to react with hysteria. We need to be able to sit at a table without the histrionics and we need to be able to say yes we do agree and disagree on a lot things but let us see the problem acknowledge the problem deal with the problem and move on!
    Other than that we are heading towards something reminiscent of “Black September” the sequel and that is a place NONE of us want to go!
    Maybe I am wrong and cynical, but that is how I perceive it so far, hoping it isn’t so…

  13. HMK should have gone on television, and issued a statement that anyone who commits violence against a brother jordanian while waving the flag or holding my picture is NOT a jordanian. We are all brothers and sisters in this country… muslems, christians palestinians jordanians bedos and circasian. WE ARE ONE NATION. A nation of tolerance and justice and equality for all its citizens.
    Radicals who claims to speak in the name of god and /or patriotism, who wish to impose their political views on others and wish to blame the ills of the country on others, are committing a dis-service to the nation.
    And anyone who tries to divide this nations along ethnic or religious lines is a traitor to jordan and what jordan stands for.
    A four page spread of photos of the king is not an answer.
    More than ever HMK must come to the street and leads his people and listen less to those around him who defines their loyalty to the king and to jordan of how well they can cover their backs and protecting their own self interest.
    The real tragedy will be if jordan fails the israelis will finally have the victory they always wanted but could never achieve… we would have done the job for them.
    WAKE UP JORDAN.. We have started playing with fire… A fire that if it spreads will burn everything and everyone… then we would have destroyed the future of our children and our grandchildren.

  14. You are saying the loyalty issue is irrelevant, my question is, exactly that. Is it really irrelevant? Apparently it is at the core of things, and what happened last Friday and has been happening since proves that this issue is NOT irrelevant. If it where, then it would have not resurfaced to the center of dialogue now! By claiming it is irrelevant, you are belittling an issue, which is clearly a big question to many, which can only keep it idle for so long. I think this issue should be addressed at not ignored or sidelined. A red herring visa vis the issue of reform, maybe. But that is clearly not the issue to the anti pro-reformers.

    They are basically saying, look, we want reform (recall the many public letters written by X, Y, Z belonging to tribes A, B and C), but not before we deal with this identity issue. We dont want reform if people whos parents where born outside Jordan want it too.

    Correct me if my analysis seems a bit far-fetched please.

  15. Hello Naseem,
    i read both your articles on the friday events. from the first one I worried you were losing heart so i wanted to ask you not to give up on Jordan because despite all the obstacles this country and most of its people are well worth fighting for. reading the second i felt that my first message was not going to be necessary because you had already rallied behind yourself again. I have been writing on the need to worry less about loyalty and more about citizenship for decades. citizenship is what you and your friends are doing for jordan. I love watching you guys push the country forward. hang on it will happen!

  16. “the regime learnt well form its colonial creator:”

    If by the “colonial creator” you mean Britain, they perhaps did not learn the important concept of a loyal opposition. A party can want reform, and disagree strongly with the current government, without being disloyal to the country.

  17. The events of Friday and what followed whether speaches or threats by government officials oppened my eyes on many things I heard about but was not fully aware of. I heard about the civil war of 1979 and I fully understand what happened back then because it was explained to me by people who lived that era, saw what happened with their own eyes and also, had a family memeber killed in the tragic event. At the time, there was no such thing as East and West Jordanians. People were all one till the PLO decided to take over the country.

    31 years later, peole are still worried and suspecious of each other especially the east Jordanians. What changed is that within 30 years, the west and east has become one. The west Jordanian in some cases became more loyal and patriotic that the east Jordanaian. The west Jordanians have grown up knowing nothing but this country and now their children know Jordan as their home.

    I have been trying to analyse the psychology of east Jordanians that are causing most of this divide and wondering why they look at the King and the royal family as Gods. The only conclusion I can think of is the following:

    Jordanian tribes have always been scattered beduin tribes whom they fought amongst each other till the Hashemites came and united them to a certain extent. To the Eastern Jordanian mentality, The Hashemite family became their identity and losing that identity means having an identity crisis.

    Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

  18. Much has been said about both sides of the 25 March quarrel. So, I will skip that discussion to be brief.

    The issue at hand now is the continuation of protests. To protest is to use an extraordinary mean to seek attention to your viewpoint. That has now been abundantly done. The entire country has taken note of the demonstrators’ point. Any further protests are decidedly now “confrontational” and counterproductive to the health ahd well-being of this country.


    Since the country has taken note, and king reconfirmed his already-declared question for meaningful and swift reforms, what cause will further protests do? Frankly, they can only cause damage. Reformers will be antagonized, and neutral elements in society will be polarized. This brews confrontation that is simply avoidable.

    Another reason why protests are counterproductive is the gross damage it does to the image of the country. Jordan is now experiencing capital flight, significant slowdown of domestic investment and freeze of new foreign investment. Protesters want jobs, but jobs are running away. He foreign newsmedia portrays Jordan as unstable, causing more flight of capital, investment and tourism.

    This is the time for Jordanians to demonstrate, to each other first and to the whole world next, that the country is united, safe, secure and, critically, stable.

    The government is under the royal microscope to deliver, so giving it a chance while rehabilitating Jordan’s image before the world is the way to go.

  19. اذا أردت السيطرة على الناس فأخبرهم أنهم معرضون للخطر وحذرهم من أن أمنهم تحت التهديد ، ثم شكك في وطنية معارضيك
    (أدولف هتلر) من كتاب (كفاحي)..

  20. Realistically the Palestinian right of return will never be made real except perhaps in a symbolic or very limited manner. The Israeli’s should withdraw from almost all the West Bank and “Arab” Jerusalem and it should be incorporated into what is today Jordan. Jordan should become a democratic nation of all it’s people. . . but this really is just a fairy tale!

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