Jordanian Reuters Journalist Suleiman Khalidi Captured By Syrian Security

I was just informed a little over an hour ago that my friend and peer, Suleiman Al Khalidi, has been captured by Syrian security today. The rhetoric coming out of the Syrian government these past two days regarding foreign media is incredibly frightening, and Suleiman has been one of the few voices documenting the events of Deraa, which puts him in a dangerous position.

I implore our government to do all it can, and as quickly as it can, to get Suleiman home safe and sound!

To anyone reading this, please spread the message.

Time is of the essence.

UPDATE #1: [8:18pm] Got a phone call informing me that high level Jordanian officials are working on getting Suleiman released.

UPDATE #2: [10:15pm] Was just informed that Suleiman’s family was contacted by the Center for Defending the Freedom of Journalistsand told the he is ok, but will remain in Syrian custody for the night.

March 31st…

UPDATE #3: [10:00am] Reuters releases some information on Suleiman having “gone missing” in Syria along with a Reuters photographer.

UPDATE #4: [11:30am] Jordan Press Association to hold a sit-in at its headquarters in Tla Al Ali demanding the release of Suleiman from Syrian custody.


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