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2 thoughts on “World Against Cyber Censorship Day And What It Means For Jordan

  1. I thought that this was a really well written post on something that I really believe in – no censorship of the internet. Here I am in Mexico, reading about Jordan. I’m not sure if what is happening in Jordan is going to affect whether we will be going there, but I was going to bring my family over there for the next year while my husband works there. Please know that your blog is valued, that any news is good for those of us not in the country and I hope that you understand that putting your thoughts down in this blog is totally worthwhile.

  2. i think the writer is one sided , writing half of the reality ,,,,, your essay is good and bad at the sane time ,….. we , jordanians , will not allow for others to make our country a home for palestinians , its as simple as this, we support them in their struggle to get the country,we will die for this, but as well we love our country and will not permitt for anyone to tougch its soil , the brotherhood movement is playing with fire ,its controlled by palestinans and they are conducting their suspecios agenda

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