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34 thoughts on “Thoughts On King Abdullah’s Appointment Of Bakhit As Jordan’s New Prime Minister

  1. طيب دير بالك تتغير الحكومة كمان مرة قبل ما تخلص المقال

  2. a similar article was on the economist this morning, yours as seen from inside is more confused, anyway jordan is not on a crossroad, this means it still have options, as you see jordan has three immediate situations that needs to deal with: water, palestinians and how to finance itself.yes palestinians that you totaly ignored in your article those who are the only real threat to the regime in jordan(1970)…… if albakhit is good or bad, if he will manage to communicate with moslim brothers or not, if he came to make a change to jordanians or to protect the regime, it’s irrelevant because at this point much serious situation needed to be delt with, and the way to go forward needs concentration and absolutly NO transparency….

  3. a similar article was on the economist this morning, yours as seen from inside is more confused, anyway jordan is not on a crossroad, this means it still have options, as you see jordan has three immediate situations that needs to deal with: water, palestinians and how to finance itself.yes palestinians that you totaly ignored in your article those who are the only real threat to the regime in jordan(1970)…… if albakhit is good or bad, if he will manage to communicate with moslim brothers or not, if he came to make a change to jordanians or to protect the regime, it’s irrelevant because at this point much serious situation needed to be delt with, and the way to go forward needs concentration and absolutly NO transparency….

  4. It is simply absurd to expect anything from someone that has been tried before. Even if neither the casino gate nor the elections rigging were his “own” doing, it still implies that he is either weak or simply not qualified. Let’s not forget shawerma gate and the water pollution fiasco where THOUSANDS of Jordanians were hospitalized. I mean, at that time, I believe the king had to cut his cali vacation.

    Persons are irrelevant at this stage, except for one, and that one has no will to peruse true reform. Jordan has more qualified people than all of this choice and the choices that were made before. The finger needs to be pointed at the right person. The dissatisfaction might have been directed at rifai or the government and its policies, but it is simply a case of burying one’s head in the sand if we don’t understand that all the attacks,or most of them, were proxy attacks. The enabler of the government policies is not Rifai. Neither Rifai nor Bkahit were elected. They were selected. Which selection in the last 11 years worked well? Lets not be delusional and try to convince ourselves that this will be any different. Appointing a “new” government is simply a regime’s policy. It failed. The process failed. The strategy Failed. It “worked” for the regime. I believe it will no longer will. I has never worked for us and never will.

    More to come, as I just woke up and we are literally buried in snow 🙂

  5. What’s happening in Jordan is horrible. This is a very bad move. The next thing to watch is how the parliament will react to the new government. Most probably, it will pass the vote of confidence with a comfortable margin again.

    The case for Bakhit is really hard to make. I have no clue why he was chosen when there are so many big question marks surrounding him. First, the 2007 elections, which happened under his watch no matter what you’d like to believe (btw, he refused to let international monitors in, and it’s only customary and the expected norm to hand in the government resignation once elections are held). Second, there’s the casino deal which also happened under his watch. Ok, maybe he wasn’t involved, but it still happened under his watch. Finally, you have the tensions with the IAF and the fact that the guy comes from a military background which sends a disturbing signal given the current circumstances in the region.

    I only hope that the parliament redeems itself by withholding the vote of confidence.

  6. Remind me again, why would a total regime change be a bad idea?
    People are not demanding the King to step down, but maybe they should! For the first time in many years this seems possible. It may take some more years to mature, but recent events give us hope that this is coming.
    Freedom is possible, even in Jordan!

  7. Water is obviously the biggest problem. Jordan will need massive desalinisation plants, powered by nuclear or solar energy. I believe a start has been made on this.


    Does Jordan grow enough food to feed itself?

    Do the Palestinians have full citizenship and voting rights? If not, why not?

    Several European states are constitutional monarchies, and this kind of arrangement works very well, although it is hard to justify it logically.

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  9. ليس المهم تغير الاشخاص يبدو ان الكل في للاردن وجوه لعمله واحده نحن بحاجه الى شخص يستطيع محاسبه الفاسدين ونهابي الدول معرفون فا الاردن بلد الجميع يعرف فيه الاخر ومصدر الثروات واضح الامر بسيط جدا البدء بمحاسيه الجميع في اي مكان او وزاره او دئره حكومبه وحتى القطاع الخاص الشركات المساهمه تطفخ بالفاسدين على مراء الجميع ولكن هل يستطيع احد محاسبتهم فا تيديل حسني البرزان بحسني البرزان لايغير من الامر شياء فانني لا اجد اي جديد بالحكومه الجديده طلما انها هي جزء من الفساد من الصانعين له نريد من يحب الاردن ويخاف على هذا البلد الذي فضله على الكثيرين نريد اشخاص ينتمون الى الاردن وليس الى العشيره والطبقه

  10. lol your blog is attracting so many trolls. I agree that this change is routine. Another face of the same coin. But if you really thought about it, I do not think the regime is bad. Remember that the king is protecting the interests of people from different origins. Even though some laws lean to specific groups, the situation is generally stable.

    You need to remember that people in Jordan only care about themselves. They do not think or want to think of themselves as just Jordanians. They need and want to find ways to separate themselves. “I am karaki” “I am Salti” “I am of Palestinian origin”. A power vacuum would be very scary and people here do not understand. Look at out PMs, some do not have a clue about anything! They’re chosen and generally approved by the tribe according to their relations NOT their skills. The same thing would apply to anybody elected democratically even in higher positions. An example is the parliament.

    I would like the situation to remain as it is. The king is good and we couldn’t ask for anything more considering the local Jordanian mindset. If reform was to come, it would have happened a long time ago. The alternatives as I said are not promising so the situation is currently fine.

  11. تعين البخيت أتى من تل أبيب وواشنطون – هل أحد منكم سئل نفسة من هوا البخيت ولماذا البخيت الآن؟ يا شعبي الحبيب ØŒ هناك خطط تحاك ضدنا وضذ مستقبلنا في الغرف المغلقة ØŒ أنضروا ما يعمل أباما الكاذب ØŒ لقد أعط أوامره لحسني العميل بضرب الشعب المصري الثائر، نحن ومنذ زمن طويل نقبع تحت أحتلال داخلي مدعوم من الدول الغربيه واسرائيل ØŒ أصحوا يا شعب على ما يحصل من حولكم ،التغير قادم لا محالة ويجب أن يأتي من الشرفاء والوطنيون وليس من الغوغائيون الذين أغلقوا عقولهم وعيونهم

  12. @mohamad: if you would go through the region’s history in the past 60 years, you will see that every time syria,jordan (in its past form) and lebanon borders were in chaotic situation, israel gained more land. although me also dont like the form of our monarchy, but unfortunatly without them jordan can risk alot. what I’m saying is to transform our monarchy in the form of the british one, and those who will run the country can be elected by the population.

  13. @neda.alzoubi: I did not “ignore palestinians” in my post. When I say the word “Jordanian” it includes people from all origins who reside within these borders. moreover, the issues you listed are exactly that: issues. And there many more you failed to mention. This is not what I meant by options and crossroads. I am referring to the overall path the country is on, and what lies ahead. Either journey will naturally encompass all of those issues and more. thanks


    @Mohanned: regarding your first paragraph. i agree that every government has its mishaps, but both the shawarma and the water pollution were due to regulatory failures. these happen all over the world, and pointing them out as examples as to why that government was a failure is to expect too much of a government in general. those kind of mistakes happen, and its about how a government reacts to them that matters. i think both were handled fairly well by the state given the circumstances.

    regarding your second paragraph. the elections were not under his authority, and that includes pretty much every aspect of running them, such as letting in monitors. the mukhabarat ran that show brilliantly and in such a situation, i don’t care how much authority you think a PM has, he will have difficulty going head-to-head with the security apparatus on that one.

    for the casino deal, i think pretty soon we’re going to see more information being brought to light on that one. this is perhaps the single most silliest issue i have ever known in a country where we must deal with some rather serious issues.

    government appointment has been here since the country was established, not just in the past 11 years under king abdullah. it has its advantages and its disadvantages. for me personal, as naseem tarawnah, i am a believer in a constitutional monarchy where governments are formed by ruling political parties. i am all for that. but we are obviously not there yet. political parties lack maturity, and the rest of the system is broken – from elections laws to the parliamentary system, etc. so while i am all for that constitutional monarchy to emerge, i am also forced to recognize that should it be permitted tomorrow we would likely end up with one of the most defunct governments in history. sure, it will be of the will of the people, but we must recognize that this would destabilize the country.

    in order for this system to emerge, the current system needs to be fixed from the top down, and new foundations need to be established in my opinion. this is what needs to be happening now in terms of political reform.

    thank you for your two piasters

  14. تغير الاشخاص ليس بالضروره ان يؤدي الى اصلاح فاخطابات جلالة الملك كلها تشير الى الاصلاح ومحاربه الفساد الانه الاسس التى والثقافه الى يسير عليها المسؤل في الاردن هي مقامه على افكار فاسده وانتهازيه اما مقوله شتى الاصول والمنابت فهذا يعني وضع الجميع في بوتقه الاردن الواحد وهذا لايوجد شخص يعارضه سو الفئه الفاسده في المجتمع الاردني وهي ايضا من شتى الاصول والمنابت فالاصلاح يبداء بتطبيق القانون على الجميع وتكون العداله للجميع من شتى الاصول ولا نسعى الى تفرقه التاس وذلك من خلال المحسوبيه والاصول ومن ثم ترسيخها وضعها شعار المرحله من خلال نظام الصوت الوحد الذي قسم الناس مثل الخليه وبالنهايه نطلب تطبيق القانون على حميع اللصوص في هذا البلد

  15. We agree in principle, but we we diverge is that I don’t believe that the same process will yield any better results. GIGO, if you will. The process itself is broken and corrupt. Hasn’t worked and never will. Mindset at the top is reflected through the choices being made and such choices are not very encouraging. Bakhit can be great and all, but all you mentioned above proves that he is weak. It maybe that he didn’t find enough support from the top at that time, but that says a lot about the top. Our county,present, and future are not a nintendo game(yeah,eminem, i just did that).

    From my post on 7iber:
    “the inability to deliver on promises either reflects a state of crippling weakness or utter apathy. Whatever your pick is, reality remains that we, the people, are paying the price for the actions and the inaction of the few who are “running” the show in the country. ”

    a billion dollars to upgrade our f-16 fleet when the budget is in shambles tells you something about boys and their toys, by toys i mean both the planes and our country.

  16. Thanks Nas for another well written post. I have several points to add to the discussion:
    1. I honestly didn’t expect the appointment of Bakheet for all the reasons u list above. But I am giving him a chance because u r absolutely right about the role of Bassem Awadallah and Mohmd Dahabi – two people in my opinion who did us great damage and still do!!
    2. I am a strong believer in the leadership of the Hashemites. They r the unifying factor for the country and even though some may argue that they may have some shortcomings, still they r very close to their people and work relentlessly for the good and future of Jordan.
    3. Al rifai gov letter of designation was a complete and comprehensive road map to set things right. Implementation required hard work and the ability to take difficult unpopular decisions. But it also required continuity, ie the gov to work for at least 3 years for the benefits to emerge. I personally felt extremely optimistic that for the 1st time the Gov, the Royal Court and the security apparatus were all working from the same sheet. And the responsibility and “wilayeh” returned to the Gov. But unfortunately the resistance was too great and AlRifai was viciously fought from day one with one crisis being created after the other keeping him distracted with putting out fires while the programme suffered. The high ceiling of freedom that was given to the media and the general public made things worse with irresponsible chants that deteriorated into digesting personal attacks. (mohmd dahabi did his brother a huge Favor by keeping a tight lid on the media especially the websites). I will not get into who i think created these constant crises or why. That is just my theory. But as a Jordanian citizen who is fearful for the future of my country, I say that it is essential to allow the new Gov to work properly without the distraction of useless side battles. There is a lot at stake.
    4. As far as I know, there’s nothing in the constitution that prevents His Majesty from asking an elected member of parliament to form a government. But I agree with comments, we are not there yet but we r on our way. People need to mature first and develop a sense of democracy and acceptance of the other before we get there.

  17. All Jordanians need all their rights and proper means of becoming educated. Ignorance and greed / corruption are destroying our country, and soon we will have nothing left except the aid of others to live on.
    If we are out of suitable men, why not a woman PM for a change? I am sure some are qualified ..
    @Jamal: Islam and true democracy do not contradict that much as some claim..

  18. @ The Real Fee Jordanian: If you would kindly explain what does (rise again) exactly mean, with special emphasis on again.

    @ Neda Al-Zoabi and/or Shree: Chauvinism needs to go, from a pragmatic point of view (since morality does not seem to be an issue to you), it won’t get you any where. What happened in the 70s is the destruction of the left, globally, regionally, and domestically. The alliances and sympathies at least were across right wings on one side and progressive left on the other, and those alliances crossed the lines of Jordanian vs. Palestinian that you and your likes prefer to live with, because that is how you survive.
    Technocratic solutions are good for broken water pipes, extending a telephone line, and things of that sort. Diminishing failure in water management and governmental budgeting to problems that need to be focused on while not mentioning mechanisms of decision is similar to assuming that a bunch of well educated people can make better decisions than masses affected by those decisions.

    @ Jamal: Though your argument is wrong to start with, it would have gained more currency prior to 2011 🙂

    @ Mohannad (Arabic) moh: Tribe and class are two opposing structures.

    @ a7lam: “People need to mature first and develop a sense of democracy and acceptance of the other before we get there.” Who do you think you are to assess the people sanity?!?!?!

  19. @Ahmad Al Sholi: you misunderstand the comment. my father was an important figure in the events of 70s and for this my family had to be exiled away from home for many years in Syria.
    what I was saying is that, palestinians (underline that I’m married with one) although the majority of this country but yet always ignored, beside what their anger, when its time, may cost the kingdom…
    Anyway it’s my fault, I didn’t explain myself clearly.

  20. Palestinians never were and never will be a threat to the throne, and the throne knows that, and also knows that the brothers inc. are neutralized in Jordan and cannot be compared to the HO in Egypt, as they have their own local agendas to worry about.Furthermore, the throne also knows where the threat really comes from( historically speaking), the ashayer, and hence you see, the current actions and movements that the King is making these days including the appointment of Bakhit who has more sway in the desired direction

  21. @ Neda,

    I may have misunderstood you. I guess that I am noticing lately an escalation in fascist undertones (which brews under the surface given the sad state of affairs). The looming danger is the evolvement of these sentiments into demands/plans/manifestos/and programs instead of establishing progressive movements demanding democracy, equality, and social justice.

    2 questions though, what is the NO transparency thing? and what does cost the kingdom mean?

  22. @jamal
    yes there are problems in our Arab societies which are hindering polical reforms towards some kind of free democracy, but they can be solved if there’s a will ..
    It is true that, for example Chrisitian Jordanians, currently have a very limited political role in Jordan (appart from the role of a few in economy, and in some political parties , and pls forget the quotas and image-issues) – this is not just because they’re a minority, it’s due to ignorance and the use of cliches: they’re looked at as “Kuffar” who like to get drunk. It is a fact that they rarely get senior positions in governmental institutions even if highly qualified and experienced; they prefer to stay quite about this …and many end up working in Christians – dominated companies. This indicates a problem – but it can change if recognised as one , what Jordan needs is admitting there are problems , equal rights for ALL and education & awareness (these do not come only from the internet!), and this is not contradicting any of the two religions or any other progressive thinking.
    I am definitely not an expert , but I suggest you read:
    هذه الآية لا تقرأ منفصلة عن سائر الآيات الأخرى في القرآن، فإذا وجد في أهل الكتاب من اعتزل المسلمين، فلم يقاتلوهم، ولم يظاهروا عليهم
    عدوا، وألقوا إليهم السلم، فليس على المسلمين أن يقاتلوهم، وقد قال الله تعالى: في شأن قوم من المشركين: “فَإِنِ اعْتَزَلُوكُمْ فَلَمْ يُقَاتِلُوكُمْ وَأَلْقَوْا إِلَيْكُمُ السَّلَمَ فَمَا جَعَلَ اللهُ لَكُمْ عَلَيْهِمْ سَبِيلاً” (النساء:90).
    Can I Buy Zovirax Tablets Over The Counter In Uk

  23. @ Markus lol historically speaking?! really?! seams like your history is having a bad case of dementia.

    نشرت وكالة المخابرات الأمريكية مؤخراً وثيقة من وثائقها رفعت عنها صفة السرية وأصبحت متاحة في شهر آذار عام 2008 بموجب قانون حماية المعلومات، وبعد مرور الفترة الزمنية المعتمدة لحماية الوثائق (35 عاماً)ØŒ ووصلت إلى “كل الأردن” مؤخراً.

    الوثيقة العائدة إلى تموز عام 1973 تكشف عن سعي حركة فتح لتكوين جمهورية فلسطينية في الأردن، وتكوين قناعة راسخة بقبول الأمر الواقع في فلسطين ككيان خالص لليهود. وهي عبارة عن محادثات بين مسؤول رفيع في فتح لم تكشف الوثيقة عن اسمه، ومسؤول المخابرات الأمريكية في بيروت وقتها روبرت أيميس، وهو من الأهمية بمكان بحيث أنه كان يجري محادثات مع مستشاري الملك السعودي فيصل. وتهدف تلك المباحثات إلى تكوين أرضية تفاهم يفضي إلى حوار بين فتح والحكومة الأمريكية.

    الوثيقة تكشف كذلك أن قيادة فتح كانت تستقوي بالنظام العربي على الأردن لإنضاج الظروف لما تريده. وتذكر الوثيقة السعودية بالاسم. كما تكشف الوثيقة عن أن عمليات فتح ستركز على الأردن أولاً وعلى إسرائيل ثانياً، حيث ستبقى بعض العمليات ضد إسرائيل للحفاظ على مصداقية حركة فتح.

    وتختلف المعطيات في هذه الوثيقة جذرياً عما كانت تعلنه المنظمات الفلسطينية في أحداث أيلول من أنها كانت تريد قاعدة للنضال ضد إسرائيل، حيث أن ما كشف عنه في هذه المحادثات يتعلق بوطن للفلسطينيين في الأردن وترك فلسطين لليهود.

    وتؤكد هذه الوثيقة الشكوك عبر سنوات طويلة في طبيعة نوايا فتح ضد الأردن، وتجعل من السهل تفسير سلسلة من المؤامرات، والتي توجت بوثيقة عوض الله-عريقات رغم عدم الكشف عنها رسمياً حتى الآن.

    وتالياً نص الترجمة الأولية للوثيقة، متبوعة بصور عنها:


    مذكرة إلى: السفير

    الموضوع: الاتصالات مع قيادة فتح

    خلال إقامتي في بيروت بين 9-10 تموز اتصلت برفيق مقرب من قائد فتح ياسر عرفات بناء على رسالة أرسلها إلي يطلب عقد لقاء. وكما تعرف فقد كان لي في الماضي اتصال مفيد مع هذا الشخص وقد تعزز موقعه تماماً في فتح.
    وقد استهل الحديث بالتصريح أن الفلسطينيين، وتحديداً عرفات، شعروا بالامتنان لأن الحكومة الأمريكية كانت تتحدث عن “مصالح فلسطينية” في تصريحاتها الأخيرة حول الشرق الأوسط. وقد اعتبر تضمين هذا المصطلح في بيان نيكسون-بريجينيف شيئاً مهماً. وكنتيجة لما شعر عرفات أنه نظرة جديدة في سياسة الحكومة الأمريكية إلى القسم الفلسطيني من سؤال الشرق الأوسط، فقد طلب من هذا الشخص أن يعيد الاتصال بي بحيث يمكن إعادة إنشاء قناتنا السابقة.
    علقت بأنني سأمرر هذا المنظور إضافة إلى أية تعليقات من قبل فتح عبر نفس القناة التي اعتدنا عليها في السابق، ولكنني لا أستطيع التنبؤ برد فعل الحكومة الأمريكية. قال محدثي أن تغييرات مهمة جرت في الحركة الفلسطينية منذ أن قابلته آخر مرة في أوائل آذار 1973. وقد كرر ما قاله في ذلك الوقت. وهو ما كان بعد جرائم الخرطوم بوقت قصير. ليس لدى الفدائيين أية خطط لملاحقة مواطنين أمريكيين أو مصالح أمريكية. وقد حققت الخرطوم هدفها بجعل الحكومة الأمريكية تأخذ النشاط الإرهابي للفدائيين بجدية. وأصر مرة أخرى على أنه لم تكن هناك أية نوايا للابتزاز، وأن الرجال كانوا سيقتلون على كل النواحي. وقال أنه لا يستطيع ضمان مناعة كلية من الأعمال الإرهابية، ولا يستطيع أحد أن يوقف رجلاً مسلحاً مليئاً بالتصميم. وقد أراد عرفات أن تعرف الحكومة الأمريكية أنه وضع حظراً على العمليات الأمريكية من قبل الفدائيين، وأن الحظر سيبقى سارياً ما دام الطرفان يجريان حواراً، حتى ولو كان هناك اختلافات أساسية. ولم يكن ذلك تهديداً من نوع “حاورونا …وإلا…”ØŒ ولكنه كان اعترافاً بأن الحديث كان ضرورياً.
    صرح محدثي بأن أنشطة الفدائيين ستنحصر في منطقتين: الأردن وإسرائيل، وبتلك الأولوية. تغيير أساسي في أيديولوجيا فتح تم قبوله مؤخراً من قبل قيادة فتح. إسرائيل موجودة هنا لتبقى، وإن إنشاء دولة ديموقراطية من اليهود والمسلمين والمسيحيين في إسرائيل الحالية هو غير واقعي. ولكن الفلسطينيين يجب أن يحصلوا على وطن وهذا الوطن هو الأردن. ويدعي عرفات أنه حصل على موافقة كل الدول العربية، “بما فيها السعودية مبدئياً”ØŒ على استبدال المملكة الهاشمية بجمهورية فلسطينية. وهكذا فإن الأردن سيكون الهدف الرئيسي للفدائيين، مع إبقاء بعض الأعمال الإرهابية ضد إسرائيل للحفاظ على مصداقية الحركة. تغيير آخر في التكتيكات سيكون في إصدار إعلانات عن المسؤولية عن الأعمال الإرهابية. والهدف الوحيد من تلك الإعلانات هو الدعوة إنشاء علاقات.
    إن المحركات الفلسطينية موحدة الآن أكثر من أي وقت مضى، مع سيطرة بلا منازع لعرفات ولفتح. ويستطيع عرفات الآن أن يمضي بشجاعة للتعبير عن سياساته. السوفييت، وتحديداً السفير السوفييتي في لبنان أزيموف، كانوا يعملون بجد لجعل عرفات يشكل حكومة في المنفى وأن يقبل بمبدأ كيان فلسطيني على المدى القصير. ويعارض عرفات ذلك، شاعراً أن إنشاء كيان فلسطيني سيعطي العرب ذريعة لنسيان فلسطين. عرفات يريد إما دولة حقيقية أو لا شيء.
    بالنسبة للحكومة الأمريكية فإن عرفات يرغب في الحصول على إجابات عن الأسئلة التالية:
    أ-ماذا تعني الحكومة الأمريكية عندما تتحدث عن مصالح فلسطينية؟
    ب-كيف يأخذ “الحل السلمي” في الحسبان المصالح الفلسطينية؟
    ج-هل هناك أية اعتبارات للفلسطينيين في خطط الحلول الجزئية والمرحلية؟ إذا كان الأمر كذلك فما هي تلك الاعتبارات؟
    د-كيف يمكن أن يكون أي حل له معنى بينما الأردن قائم؟
    هـ-علقت بأنني لا أعرف إذا ما كانت الحكومة الأمريكية ستجيب على تلك الأسئلة الاستفزازية، ولكنني سأمررها.
    أثناء المحادثات تم جمع بعض المعلومات الاستخبارية المهمة. كان الفلسطينيون قلقين جداً بخصوص نية بعض القادة اللبنانيين اليمينيين، والأردنيين، لمحاولة إشعال جولة أخرى من القتال بين الفلسطينيين والجيش اللبناني. عرفات قالها بوضوح للجميع أنه ينبغي تجنب الجولة الثانية مهما كان الثمن. والفلسطينيون لن يردوا على أي شيء إلا إذا كان هجوماً شاملاً على مخيماتهم. وقد أوضح عرفات ذلك للبنانيين والسوريين والسعوديين. أي تجدد للقتال سيكون جاء بالضرورة من اللبنانيين، وسيكون غير مبرر. وإذا وقع مثل ذلك الهجوم فإن فتح ستستخدم القنابل والفرق الحارقة في بيروت وتحرق المدينة. وستقوم كذلك بتوسيع القتال إلى كافة أنحاء البلاد وتطلب من جميع الدول العربية القدوم لمساعدتها. في دول المواجهة تعتبر سوريا أكثر ميلاً لعمل شيء ما مقارنة مع مصر. “السوريون يقولون أقل ويفعلون أكثر” مقارنة مع المصريين. الملك حسين بدا يشعر بعزلته الكاملة في العالم العربي، وفتح تعمل بجد لإبقاء الضغط عليه، وتعتقد أنه سينهار بفعل الإعياء. الشخص الذي تم تفجيره في باريس في حزيران 1973 (محمد بو ضيا) كان قيادياً في منظمة أيلول الأسود، تم تجنيده شخصياً في الماضي من قبل علي حسن سلامة، ضابط الاستخبارات الفتحاوي.

  24. @ Mohanned Quote: “a billion dollars to upgrade our f-16 fleet when the budget is in shambles tells you something about boys and their toys, by toys i mean both the planes and our country.” end quote.

    In a country surrounded by wars, israel, not so friendly regimes and where at least third of its citizens not only hate it but moreover consider it as an enemy, no amount of money going to the military can be enough, not even the whole budget.

  25. @Jordanian, why are you attacking me personally sir? Are you mad at me for stating my conviction? or do you really believe that I have dementia?

    Anyways, whats is this stuff you are talking about? what does this document, if in fact it is so, what does it mean? Why do many Jordanians fall into this trap of using Zionist propaganda ( Not saying that you are Zionists) why do they fall in the trap of using such propaganda to justify themselves? Have you ever talked ot a Palestinian who wants Joran to be his homeland?
    Come on dude, do you want me to quote Ahmed Oweidi Al-Abbadi for you and use that as a historical basis for my argument about the Ashayer?
    This document is supposedly around for years but we never heard such claims until recently. My reasoning is that some Jordanians grew sick of arguments such as this:
    “Collusion Across the Jordan: King Abdullah, the Zionist Movement, and the Partition of Palestine. by Avi Shlaim” You quoted american cia im upping the ante im quoting an Israeli….
    All of a sudden there are stories about how fatah had such an evil agenda from the very start, hey dont get me wrong, as a Jordanian I would not trust fatah for what happened in 1970 (even though it was not really fatah) but dont come to me with such arguments that cant stand if it wasnt for one supposed “watheeqa”.

    What I was talking about is undisputed history my friend. When I said historically i meant pre 1970s pre 60 and pre 40s even, go back,….way back….and start reading history from that point, and then you will know what I mean, and please stop circulating this pepperoni for God’s Sake!

    No freakin pali wants Jordan as his homeland so dont worry about it man, what you need to worry about are the people who want to force the palestinains into Jordan….I hope you know who your real enemy is, it would serve you and your country better to prepare for them.

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