Emad Hajjaj Caricatures On The Arab World Lately

Jordanian cartoonist Emad Hajjaj has done some interesting work recently on the various political developments in the Arab world that have dominated the news this past month or so. It is perhaps coincidence that all these events should coincide at the same time, however, they’ve provided some great inspiration for some spectacular visual documentation of a different variety: caricatures. Here’s a selection of the one’s Hajjaj has produced in the past month or so, looking at all the instability in Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

The Arab World:

The Arab People


Arabs in the era of division

Arab governments (arm), The [Arab] Street, Tranquilizer


Islam and Christianity (reference to Egypt)


The Lebanese Scene

International Court (bottle), Lebanon (hat/tarboosh), Hizballah (the flame)

Lebanon’s Separation


“The Eid Crescent!”

Death of Al Bouazizi, trigger of the wave of social protests in Tunisia

Tunisia: a vegetable cart overthrows the president’s chair

The Tunisian Revolution


The Division of Sudan. (North, South, Darfur)


This is the latest tool for administrative reform

“I too want to burn myself but the price of gasoline is just too high”

The new Revolutionary Weapons


Your Two Piasters: