Emad Hajjaj Caricatures On The Arab World Lately

Jordanian cartoonist Emad Hajjaj has done some interesting work recently on the various political developments in the Arab world that have dominated the news this past month or so. It is perhaps coincidence that all these events should coincide at the same time, however, they’ve provided some great inspiration for some spectacular visual documentation of a different variety: caricatures. Here’s a selection of the one’s Hajjaj has produced in the past month or so, looking at all the instability in Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

The Arab World:

The Arab People


Arabs in the era of division

Arab governments (arm), The [Arab] Street, Tranquilizer


Islam and Christianity (reference to Egypt)


The Lebanese Scene

International Court (bottle), Lebanon (hat/tarboosh), Hizballah (the flame)

Lebanon’s Separation


“The Eid Crescent!”

Death of Al Bouazizi, trigger of the wave of social protests in Tunisia

Tunisia: a vegetable cart overthrows the president’s chair

The Tunisian Revolution


The Division of Sudan. (North, South, Darfur)


This is the latest tool for administrative reform

“I too want to burn myself but the price of gasoline is just too high”

The new Revolutionary Weapons

24 thoughts on “Emad Hajjaj Caricatures On The Arab World Lately

  1. Really like the Lebanese ones especially. I like how Hajjaj’s drawings are in a comical style, but the ones displayed here make me want to cry profusely.

  2. @Alian, Ali, Alaa or what have you. your comments are honestly of no use. using profanity in an attempt to insult me simply shows how unable you are to present anything substantial or of value here. it is a show of your very weakness and you frankly only humiliate yourself.

  3. my father used to say that a pen is stronger than a gun……the first caricature draw a smile on my face, since its really what I feel about our ummeh….but only hajjaj can have the geniality to draw it the way he did……are we goinig to celebrate the second checkmate tonight? ……I would say who is next.

  4. جمال جمال، صحبك حسني سوف يخلع ، أستمع لجزيرة، بما يسمى دول الاعتدل نراها تتهاوا أمام أعيننا تحت أقدام الأحرار في مصر

  5. طيب ورح تشوف النتيجة ضياع كل فلسطين للابد

  6. على الاقل ما يحصل سيثبت وجود اسرائيل بشكلها الحالي الى الابد

  7. اذا تم تغيير النظام بشكل كلي في مصر سيصبح الجيش اللبناني اقوى من الجيش المصري يعني مثل الجيش العراقي

  8. سقوط الدكتاتور السفاح حسني هوا عبارة ساعات أو ربما أيام، يعيش الشعب المصري الحر ، اللعبة قد أنتهت والتاريخ سوف يصبح في يد الشعوب شئتا أم أبيت

  9. اخشى ان تعلن اسرائيل رسميا ضم يهودا والسامرة لانه لا يوجد ما يمنعها الان

  10. Emad thank you – pictures speak louder than words sometimes..I love your work, but one cartoon of tunisian vegetable cart overthrows presidential chair, uhh maybe its too sad a story for me to laugh at that one. Excellent stuff Emad you’re very talented. Brave middle east – my grandparents are Lebanese so I loved the ones on Lebanon too.

    anne – australia

  11. اسرائيل خائفة كتير من اللي بيصير عشان هيك قررت مصادرة 600 دونم في الخليل هههههههههههههههههه

  12. عندي أقتراح …بتوظيف الزعمات العربية الكرتونية زبالين لتنظيف ميدان التحرير في القاهرة المحررة

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