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5 thoughts on “Corruption Continues To Plague Jordan, And 5 Steps To Fighting It

  1. Nas wrote, “2) Media blackouts on corruption cases should not be in place unless the case involves national security or puts lives in immediate risk.” who defines “national security”? , media must be free without any restrictions period even if it حتى لوطالت رأس الدولة. Free media means free media

  2. another case which is being implemented in a very suspicuous way, see below a campaign to save some of the last natural trees in Jordan. Beneficiaries are making use of decrees to make their own decisions (and profit ofcourse) about how , where and who, and in many cases destroy the natural environment by the way….and it is a fact that this project in its current location would break 4 different laws!

    Is Prevacid Prescription Only

  3. الفساد كلمه معناها الحقيقي هي السرقه وهي لا تحتاج لاي خطوات الص معرف وظاهر لجميع الناس الا انه يختبئ خلف خوف الناس وخلف السلطه والنفوذ المطلوب اقل من نصف خطوه وهي الجرءه في الاشاره اليه وان الفاسدين كثر والصامتين اكثر يكثير

  4. I teach in a university in Jordan and my students complain to me that they cannot get a good job without “wasta” no matter how high their averages are or their skills. Thus, students from big families do not have to study or work hard because they know jobs are guaranteed to them no matter how poorly they do. Other students are discouraged from pushing themselves to excellence because they feel they will not get good jobs no matter how well they do. This system keeps the educational system from being all it could be, and from Jordanians from getting the education they deserve. It also applies to professors getting jobs they may not deserve because of tribal ‘connections.’ Jordan cannot compete on a global level and especially with its competitors in the region (i.e. the Israelis) until this system that discourages ambition and academic excellence is changed.

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