The Black Iris Honored With The 2010 Brass Crescent Award

brass crescent awardThe Black Iris recently won an honorable mention as the best middle east blog for the seventh annual Brass Crescent award! After the past two years of this particular award being rather good to me, site I am glad to simply be in the company of some great nominees in the same category this year, including Al-Miskeenah, Cairo Caprices, Trella, and my own side project, 7iber.

So a big shout out to all the readers and fans who voted this year, last year, and the year before that – and really to anyone who has stuck by this blog over the years. Your encouragement is always much appreciated!

And speaking of which, please take a second to vote for 7iber in the Non-Profit Must-Follow category of the upcoming Mashable Awards. Actually, all you have to do really is click on that link!


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