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10 thoughts on “Book Review: Kill Khalid

  1. Interesting book! will definitely read it.
    When it comes to politics and politicians; I didn’t know how true and reliable this book could be, thnx for clearing this up!

    Question: Did the author contact Khalid while writing the book?

  2. someone ever noticed how fabricated the whole thing was?
    putting some poison, which has an anti-poison? Why not shoot him with a silencer? Hit and run,make it like a roberry? The very clever mossad (proven in Dubai( could have come up with 1000 ways to eliminate him, but it was all part of the drama, to make a new shiny star, no one ever heard of Khalid before this, and what has he done? Who the hell is he?
    Why no more buses explosions? who paid Hamas in the first years of its birth? Why gaza now no rockets going?Why they stop other factions from throwing rockets?
    Hamas has split the people,it has support by religious people because they wear the Islam clothes.
    They keep meeting with the Americans, behind the scenes,why you think so?

    Al-sholi: That was pathatic,lets focus on the subject

    Like I tell you your son is smoking, you respond: your son is failing his classes

  3. Salim,

    Actually I expected to get that line after I leave the comment below. I think you meant Al-Somali, but hay, thats psyche still! 🙂

    Some perspective:

    1. Every developed poison gets its antidote. It is a back up plan in case something goes wrong, which it did in this case, or to use the poison as a bargain chip in other scenarios. Since these poisons are artificial compounds, the developer would know how to reverse it. It is not collected from a magical fruit that no one knows about.

    2. I would argue that while it is not a robbery, shooting him would be telling of who has an interest in his death, while injecting him with a secretly developed poison that triggers organ failures has a higher chance of intercepting it as natural death.

    3. While Israel had an interest in the rise of Hamas, that does not necessarily mean that Hamas gains its legitimacy from Israel or owes it is success to it. Questioning the growth of Hamas is equal to questioning the sanity of the large population it represents, or similar to accusing its base with either naivety or complicity.

    4. Assuming that Hamas sprang from no where is ridiculous. You would have to ignore the rise of the brotherhood in Egypt throughout the Sadat era and their development and affects on the region. Those were the years that the left internationally started to recede. The PLO was left and center left oriented and a right/conservative/religious movement had to grow parallel to it.

    5. Meshal himself was a politically engaged student since his university years, and he assumed a leading position in the political bureau of the movement before an attempt was taken on his life. Discrediting his weight is lack of knowledge, you do not have to agree with him in order to acknowledge him. He was leading a political program that you didn’t “hear” of.

    6. Discussing the strategy of every group in the Palestinian sphere is long for this discussion. You are basically assuming that Hamas is aimless, and if it is genuine it would have carried on with rockets and suicide missions, right? This is a political strategy, tactics for gains, operating against an incredibly strong enemy with many rivals in the domestic scene. Creating a polar against a domestic rival was necessary for the divergence in political views. Splitting the people claim is nationalistic and propagandist, and ignoring the power structure in Palestine is pathetic.

    I would recommend some fact straightening before accusing implicitly or even explicitly a movement of treason. And enough already with the conspiracy shit, analyze what you see instead of assuming a fateful end.

  4. I think the Israelis at this point are satisfied with the Hamas leadership, they don’t call for attacking Israel, if they would they’d get killed like the Islamic Army group in Ghaza, such a tiny faction but still targetted because of their message.

  5. Al-Somali,

    Hamas didn’t reverse its long term goals, and they are very clearly defined in any of their speeches. They didn’t fire during the truce that preceded the last mass aggression, Israel broke it several times before Hamas reacted. If you follow news, Israel had been escalating its attacks on Gaza for the last month in a scene similar to that of 2008. I don’t know how can you claim what you claim!

  6. حركة حماس خلقت للفصل الديموغرافي بين الفلسطينيين والاسرائيليين وقد حققت هدفها بامتياز

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