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24 thoughts on “Israeli Posts Pictures Of Herself With Palestinian Prisoners On Facebook, What’s The Big Deal?

  1. Because they are the “most moral army in the world” so when the mass media see this, its a shock! After all, when they bombed Gaza and Lebanon in recent years and killed thousands of civilians, it was war and sadly, collateral damage is unavoidable during war…although rest assured, in both those wars Israel did “everything possible” to avoid civilian casualties…if they had actually been targeting civilians, then they would have killed at least 10,000+…we should be thankful…like we should be thankful to dear Eden – she didn’t humiliate the prisoner, she didn’t violently abuse him – she simply took pictures with him tied and blindfolded after he was arrested for simply being Palestinian.

    It really is a sick world. The older one gets, the sicker it seems to be.

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  3. يا حبيبي هاد العالم للاقوى هذا قانون الحياة من فجر التاريخ ورح يستمر هيك اليهود اكثر تفوقا الان فشي طبيعي يدعسو عالفلسطينيين بس المشكلة انه الفلسطينيين بعد اكثر من 100 سنة احتكاك مع اليهود مش قادرين يستفيدوا من عبقرية اليهود وما بطلعوا الا عاهات مثل احمد ياسين وهنية والرنتيسي ودحلان والزهار والرجوب وابو مازن وابو ******

    [comment edited by blog administrator]

  4. Eden Abergil is just another Jewish princess. The photos are offensive and her acts a small part of the big picture about Israel: It has been from the beginning an abusive, manipulative and very aggressive organization.

  5. It seems ok to her to have her photo taken like this because the people in the background are not seen as people in her eyes. she & the rest of the soldiers in the israeli army do not feel or acknowledge palestinians as equal human beings. they never refer to palestinians as that, they call them ‘arabs’ and all arabs are the same: an inferior race to jews!

  6. First of all I think this caught people’s attention because it quite accurately portrays who is in power, how they are abusing it and how they do so right in the international community’s face. Its almost like she (representing Israel in the larger context of things) is saying “So! what are you gonna do about it!”.

    If anyone has time. They should watch a documentary on youtube about the “Stanford Prison Experiment”. It is a very interesting psychosocial study of humans and power.

    Also, there is a already a facebook group that commends and admires eden.
    Buy Canadian Generic Viagra Online

    I think most Israeli’s are a living example of what hell would be like. They even look like little devils.

  7. Matt… Antisemitism is old news alright? Its being used as a tool to advance Israeli policy. They want the world to sympathize with Israel based on an old ideology of anti semitism. The world loves Jews. Jews are arguably and even statistically the most successful people in the world. They built an entire state for them selves in under a century. On the other hands, us Arabs are the new niggers. sorry to use the word. The world hates us far more than we hate jews. U wanna be helpful and bring change, then use a little bit of logic and be realistic about the situation. This lady’s actions represent what most people in Israel feel. The Israeli left wing is as right wing as it gets, and look who they voted into power. Even the liberal livni hates Palis and Arabs. Logic Matt, logic.

  8. I’m not sure I agree 100% with your definition of logic there, Fares. IMO it crosses from valid complaints and criticism into blanket statements and stereotypes – which may be cathartic, but I don’t think it’s accurate, nor does it help. What’s logical about statements like “[Jews] even look like little devils”?

  9. mhmd

    لونك طرت أحسنلك ØŒ قتل ألاطفال والنساء عند بعض الصهيانه الأردنيين يعتبر “”عبقريه وحنكه”” يا سلام على هيك تحليل وتفكير عنصري أجوف

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  11. the free”jordanian”
    shimon perez said int 80’s that palestininas are the only arab people that can have real democray becuase they have learnt alot from jews, at that time i was feeling the same , of course palestinian let him and let us down ,i am always wandering why palestinians can’t live up to the level which they can have a realistic approach to deal with israelis ..i mean their heads are still filled with religious superstitions and …..and am not racist i hate palestinians because they occupy jordan the same reason why palestinian hate israleis

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