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13 thoughts on “The Charity Problem: Creating A Culture Of Dependence

  1. “charities should seek extinction rather than growth.” I never thought of that, it makes perfect sense.
    I am not sure if the Muslim Brotherhood provides microfinance as the Garmeen Bank example in Bangladesh. Microfinance idea is to give the poor enough money to start a business. Why don’t we use this system? I am not an economist so I don’t know the pros and cons of this system. But I know it worked efficiently in Bangladesh and many other poor countries.
    Excellent post!

  2. kudos … I seriously never thought about charity in that wide concept !! ofcourse i had the ” **** off you are not getting a cent out of me you bastard ” idea because i will only encourage them to beg for more !
    but when you put it on a bigger scale it becomes crystal clear , yes the more you give in the wrong place the more need you create it’s just a big vicious cycle .

    JUST to show your point on a bigger scale check out those numbers :

    * the 2009 budget of ” sondook il ma3onah al watanieh ” is a whopping 87,900,600 imagine how freaking huge the number is !
    * according to 2008 numbers 70,000 people are helped by the sondook , imagine that we have 70.000 people who depend on charity from this single organisation ! ya3ni it doesnt make any sense !

    and they ask where the money goes ! as you said some people consider it their right to get the money even if they can live without those 50jd after years and years of being accustomed to it , they won’t even consider not taking the money .

    * not to mention the millions and millions that are donated privately through millions of other charity organisation ! zay ili 3a bwab il jawame3 on friday.

    * i tried to find what happens to the zaka money that the ministry of awakaaf takes ! no luck so far but am sure that sums up to a considerable amount of money each year !

    peace nas
    great as usual

    [comment has been edited by blog administrator]

  3. ohh sorry i kind of made a huge mistake

    the number of people who are on the payroll of the sandook is not 70,000 person its 70,000 family
    i know thats ****** UPPPPP !

    now we take the 70000 * (the average number of the poor family members) which is said to be 3,65

    = 255000 person cheers !

    [comment has been edited by blog administrator]

  4. As you are flawlessly heading for one side of the equation, beside problems made by charity receiving are equaled by those that come up sending charity.

    Most people tend to forget the industry behind international charity: E.g. the rice and chicken producers in the first world’s countries are given a fabulous opportunity to sell their over production while at the same time local agriculture is suffering of dumping prices (who will pay a lot if charity is giving away for symbolic prices). Meanwhile, all selfless good people in the rich countries – including politicians – can be prowd of temporarily fixing problems that would not even exist were the markets open for developping countries.

  5. Yeah, thank you for this excellent post; Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime…. I do not have a lot of experience in charity; but I’ve seen the bad effects this dependence has on younger generations… and so me and some friends were thinking of maybe starting to do something like teaching kids how to use recycled material to make some art works, jewelery and the like, then maybe opening a stand in JARA to sell their things…. not very innovative but it’s a start. Actually, one of my friends is taking education- through- art courses for that very purpose…

  6. Nice in theory until it hits the wall of reality. The reality is that there are two distinct groups when it comes to charity dependence split across …. you guessed it!
    One party just refuses to do anything, the vocational training they undergo is a time wasted because that is not the type of job they are willing to get and would rather wait until they earn their rights to the job that they want.
    The other party … their ability to work is extremely hindered by the legal framework so they prospects of employment are limited, even though they would work in most jobs except the ones that are traditionally occupied by foreign workers.
    and from that you get to the root of the issue… those people feel entitled for a better life and job and don’t earn their right to deserve it. just like that girl on 7iber whining about Bedouin women.
    The best charity that can be given to these people is to squash their egos into teeny tiny bits so that they realize where they belong.

  7. Years ago I read an interesting interview with an African economist James Shikwati (I have the text but the link is old now, if anyone is interested) He says that when the West sends food, it puts the farmers out of business and when clothing is sent, it puts the textile industries out of business. So aid ends up doing more harm than good.
    My family in Canada has always supported World Vision ( a Christian charity). They go into a community, put the kids through school, teach the families things like hygiene and farming and build wells. Once the community is self-reliant, they move on to another community. That is a better model than just strictly giving to the immediate need.

  8. @ VonFernSeher
    we are talking about the specific case of working with jordanian in vocational training workshops and seeing their reaction to being trained in vocational and hospitality work. Even though they would benefit from the work, a good chunk of them end up brushing it off to wait for a goverment handout of a job.
    So here is a great advise to you my german friend… read up about jordan so that you wouldn’t look stupid again.

  9. @bambam
    Still I do not see your point why humiliating them (“squash their egos into teeny tiny bits”) should help. Ever thought about teaching them some skills and values? Some useful like self-awareness, group dynamics and that stuff? Ever heard the strategy of breaking their egos and building them up again shows high recidivism?

    Maybe you are just not the right one to do so. And surely I am not your German friend.

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