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4 thoughts on “Majority Of Jordanians Believe Elections Will Be Fair Even Though They Don’t Know A Thing About Them

  1. Now, the Lower House dismissal and the governmental formed committee to amend the Election Law has failed to bring something new to the table which has been showed clearly by the Minister of Political Development who chose to highlight an outdated statistic that reveals 60% to be in favor of one-person one-vote system (as the committee was still studying amendments to be made).

    Apparently, the mainstream media’s shock of an unchanged law -except in few areas-have left people especially the young uninterested in the details…

    Minister of Political Development recently said that boycotting the elections is a “negative approach”, while many will argue that candidates similar to those who formed the previous Lower House are not needed anyway.

    Well then, election time provides free of charge entertainment as candidates come out with funny slogans or unexceptional means to promote their “righteous” image, or the post election scenario; as parties claim elections were a fraud and the government –as always-insures 100% legitimacy and transparency.

    I petty any outside party which may observe Jordan’s elections!

  2. I neither believe in these elections nor in a government which drains every piaster they could out of our pockets while leaving people high up spending millions with no one even reminding them that we are a poor country.

    And elections? Who will I vote for if I register? None of the people running has a website or even any channel that I could look at or get information from, even god forbid communicate with them. I am curious are you voting for someone Nas ? How did you make your up decision? I seriously need help on these grounds. Do we base our voting on the photo? Or perhaps on his/her family roots? Might as well check which newspaper the candidate posts ads on? I mean it’s absurd that I vote/register in these elections while none of the candidates even uses social media. I am sorry I can’t base my vote on a stupid quote that is copied and pasted onto an ad! If anyone has any other view, please correct me or prove me wrong.

  3. @Yanal: i don’t think you’re wrong, and with regards to the question you posed to me i’ll say this…

    i have a conflicted answer as i have remained conflicted for the past several years. i think it comes as no shock to anyone that the track record of legitimate elections in this country lies on a short rope. so i cannot argue that past elections have not been fraudulent elections, as has been publicly proven, nor can i, as an ordinary citizen, make assumptions or guarantees that the next elections will be fair.

    however, that said, for me personally, im less concerned with the outcome of elections – which is the ball that everyone tends to keep their eye on – and more concerned with process. the process story is important from my point of view. the manner in which a society casts a vote is important. putting aside who they vote for and what that person will do in that given seat – the electoral process is an act that becomes engrained at the grassroots. and i really believe that a democratic society can never evolve without the electorate having practiced, shared and embraced democratic values at their very core.

    yes, i know somewhere someone is saying “let them vote so we can dangle “democracy” in front of them like a carrot”…and for a security minded regime, that is a great way to control and appease the masses in the short run. but emphasis has to be placed on “the short run”. simple because in the long run, it won’t work. once those values begin to emerge at the citizenry level, and once this generation and the next generation have gone through the process enough times, there will inevitably come a time when the citizenry will demand democracy – and at that point, any security-minded regime will be unable to maintain its status quo; it’s operation within the gray-areas. it will be forced to either clamp down completely or open up completely, and bare the radical consequence of either choice.

    so again, process to me, matters. and i think it should to everyone.

    hopefully i’ll re-articulate this in a post someday soon.

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