Earth Hour 2010: Let’s Put Jordan On The Map This Year!

Earth Hour is fast approaching. Only 30 days left and counting. I think we, as Jordanians, and especially those of you who are connected, online and have a green spirit, need to be pro-active this year. There’s a lot that can be done to prepare for this global event and the most important of which is to mobilize and create awareness. This will be the first of many posts in the next month that will aim to do just that. We’ll try and go step by step.

The first step is to put Jordan on the map. Literally. The supporters map on Earth Hour is a reflection of commitment and Jordan should not be the country in the Middle East with a mere 500 supporters. Let’s aim for at least 2,000 this year…

Simply add your name or organization here and let’s get that number up.


  • The video bought tears to my eyes 🙂 i missed it last year and was really upset, Thank you for this post and i will now share it with people! Maybe this can be turned into a local event, i.e all the participants gathering somewhere and really uniting…after they’ve made sure they turned thier lights off at home ofcourse!

  • Jordan is on Earth Hour events can not deny its existence, but what do you mean by hour Earth Is a new philosophy?

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