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AP PHOTO – A veiled Jordanian woman walks next to billboard with a model picture promoting a hairstyling show in Zara Expo in Amman, vcialis 40mg prescription Jordan Tuesday Feb. 2, 2010


  • I know this is not the right place to write this, but I did not know how to contact you otherwise.

    I have had problems reading your website for the past two weeks or so. I can’t read the writing on your homepage, only the highlighted text, like the titles or the links. When I go to the pages where the comments are, all is back to normal. So at least, it is not some sort of censorship… Is it the Firefox I use?

    Great picture, by the way.

  • of course women who wear hijab and even niqab like to dress up and put makeup and do their hair and all that .. they are women after all .. they just dont do it in public ..

  • 15 years ago or so, it was a very rare site to see a woman dressed like in the photo, and specially for a local one, I guess now times have changed, and much much more of such is seen, reason I say this is I always thought this is at all non Jordanian tradition (Saudi, maybe?)… interesting how things changed on that perspective….

    2 Fred: it probably is your browser, maybe some add-on or layout setting, try any other browser and see if you would get the same, as I never saw such behavior.

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