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19 thoughts on “Question 38

  1. OK let me rephrase it and make it less funny …
    “Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in any unlawful purpose?” – so that begs the question what is exactly unlawful? and do you know about it?

    Depending on how you answer that question you might actually make it through the interview under certain circumstances if you answered with a “YES” while if you lied and answered with “NO” and they found out then you mightl be permanently ineligible.
    Those question are well crafted i think because at first insight they encourage a guilty person to lie or dismiss them as a joke …. or so is my opinion.

  2. Aaaaah yes, that word “Genocide” brings back many fond memories… i remember going to my first one at the tender age of 9, i bought red balloons and a Slush Puppie!
    I also made sure to take back home some cotton candy for the half dozen orphans i had locked up in a rusty cage in my room, boy were those bastards thankful….

    Bambam: i respect your opinion friend, but it doesn’t take a guilty person to laugh at that question and dismiss it as a joke.

  3. While this question is silly, it’s actually in place of the former question of if you are, or have eve been, part of a communist organization… Actually, the wording is EXACTLY the same- just with Communist in there were there now is terrorist. I think the Nazi question was always there…

    Russia had a similar question about capitalism for Americans entering the USSR….

    No matter what – don’t joke with this question! They actually will totally go after you! 🙂 (likewise, there were Americans that were detained in Russia after they decided to ‘test’ the question)

  4. i wonder to what extend do these questions, and airport security measures, harms the American’s tourism.. as for me, the USA doesn’t deserve my cash/time if i have to go through all that.. I’m not sure if a lot of people shares this feeling,e156g i sure do hope so.. because that’s really sick…

  5. There’s a similar question on Australian visa forms, as well as “Have you ever been associated with or involved in a program related to the development of weapons of mass destruction?” haha. I’ve heard they put the question there because it’s easier to kick someone out of the country for lying on a visa form than it is to actually prosecute, convict and obtain deportation orders for the same crimes (different burden of proof, evidential requirements etc.)
    I’m waiting for them to add “Do you know where Osama Bin Laden is?”

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