56 thoughts on “Top 50 Reasons Living In Jordan Rocks: A Tweet Digest

  1. #Top50JO . .. #1 reason – KING ABDULLAH II is our KING, rest is just conversation… fellow Jordanians follow me on twitter IamHKJ.. account dedicated to His Majesty.

  2. Summer night, a third-floor balcony on a hill in Al Salt, a breeze of air is so intense with emotions you could fall in love with the Hunch Back of Noter dam if he came calling!

  3. Our King is one of very few royal figures around the earth who writes down peoples’ complaints himself, lest his ministers fail to take action about them! That never happens anywhere else!

  4. From now on, if you’re opposing the gov., and blogging about it, all you have to do is say: El ghada bokra 3enna ya shabab, jeertallah 🙂

  5. If someone dies, you don’t know how so many people knew about it and managed to show up at the funeral prayer in less than an hour. And suddenly, you have two hundred cousins!

  6. lol, something is really not working right here (I mean, the way the top 50 reasons are supposed to be listed on twitter), because as it stands this moment, the top 50 reasons living in Jordan rocks are actually one reason, which is:

    “Filming our #Top50Jo Saturday Jan 30, at Wild Jordan RSVP here: http://twtvite.com/d3fkgo #Top50JoTweetup #twtvite”

    Bad use of twitter tags?


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