Verbatim | Jordan and Israel’s Inspiring Peace

“As we work with Arabs and Israelis to expand the circle of peace, sovaldi we take inspiration from what Jordan and Israel achieved fifteen years ago, buy knowing that the destination is worthy of the struggle.” – US President, buy Barack Obama on the 15th anniversary of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty. Monday, October 26, 2009. [source]

After all that has happened in the occupied territories and even in Jordan these past 15 years later: does anyone feel inspired?


  • I think the inspiration comes from the fact that they were able to sign a peace treaty 15 years ago, what happened after that might not be inspiration, but the treaty itself was, specially if you go back to the war days, imho.

  • Not sure what he means by the destination was worth the struggle, as the destination from where I’m standing definitely wasn’t worth the ongoing struggle. it seems that’s he’s still inspired by his own struggle to get to his current destination, which in fact, is the only inspiration I could find in that struggle/destination/inspiration combo.

  • the peace treaty was againse the Jordanian interest in the first degree.
    albagora is a Jewish settlement on the jordanian land. our share of Jordan’s river water was shrunk and our ministers approved that. even the financial aid we got after the peace is not comparable to waht Egypt got, all in all. it was a cheap peace. in addition to the gap that has been created between the people of Jordan and their political leadership

  • Do you really think it is fair to point to obama’s words while ignoring the daily bombardment of our ears with the merits of peace by our leaders? How about the promises made by those same leaders? Or is it just now “in style” to talk about the relevance of Jordanian-israeli peace after the king casted some doubt on the usefulness of such treaty? Is it the netenyaho effect? or the obama effect? or maybe both..

  • As a Jordanian, I want to say that I deeply appreciate the fact that our government acted like adults and signed the peace treaty. No piece of soil is worth the blood of my family. All these people calling for action have glorified, romanticized views of war and bloodshed, and I’ll have none of it.

  • donno bout ‘inspirational’… that’s one outstanding word to use in reference to Jordan. certainly diplomatic; maybe the effort was inspirational but lets not take things too deep into our hearts now

  • although Jordan’s Israel peace treaty is not the best model of peace between two countries, it is kind if inspirational because as Anas put it “our government acted like adults” and saved much potential blood shed. No piece of soil is worth the blood of my family either.

    I can also see how much being in a peaceful state helped Jordan to focus on its local resources to advance this country. So many achievements have been done in the past 15 years. Jordanians are free to dream for a better future now and act on their dreams.

  • To “Anas” and the “Observer”:

    I don’t think its your families that you are worried about as much as it is your own asses! Don’t both of you consider your cousins (as worst) in Palestine as part of your families? I don’t know who raised you both thinking it was okay to be walked all over, but for most people a spit in the face warrants a punch back. Do either of you have any self-respect? I honestly don’t think so.

  • anas, i am disgusted by your reply .. let’s leave it at that ..

    the observer .. “So many achievements have been done in the past 15 years” .. really .. tell me more about these achievements .. im willing to learn ..

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