Photo Of The Moment | The Laith Shbailat Beating

AP PHOTO – Laith Shbailat, a prominent Jordanian opposition figure, is seen at a hospital in Amman Sunday Oct. 25, 2009, after he was attacked Sunday morning by unidentified assailants. Shubeilat says Sunday’s early morning attack followed a televised interview he gave to an Arab satellite channel, in which he accused the government of corruption and repeated his call for ending the peace treaty with Israel.

The Islamic Action Front is spinning similar conspiracy theories.

Speaking of parliamentarians: the approval rating for the government is down to 19% and down to 7% for the parliament.


  • Whats the point of approval ratings if people could care less what those guys do regardless of whoever is in there? what involvement do the people have with them beyond the wasta aspect
    BTW thats not the reason he was attacked, atleast he reported otherwise on Al Jazeera when they interviewed him afterward.

  • It was not due to a televised interview with an Arab TV station he said, it was due to a something he said in a lecture at the Jordanian writer’s guild . The lecture is on our website exclusively . Laith speaks at Part 2 ,18th minute.

  • Why are we discussing the reason he got attacked? I might not agree with his views but he is a true Jordanian icon, which is again, not the point here, but the REAL point is, WHERE IS THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IN THIS DAMN COUNTRY?

  • howcome no one is discussing the attack itself. since when is Jordan considered to be the hood? and since when buying your morning ka’keh causes you a beating?

  • Seriously!!
    Not even a link to the claims by the man himself that he was beaten up because he has been repeatedly complaining about the King’s registering state-owned land under his name!

    Video of the day
    Shbailat: The king registering state owned land under his name is a bomb under the throne.

    And maybe we can revisit The Nation’s now-popular-among-Jordanians article:
    “The army is the King’s power base,” says Shubuilat. “The King is robbing the government and the army is his bagman.”

    “In the memo, a copy of which has been obtained by The Nation, the Aqaba Regional Authority informs the land registrar of a decision “to register all the land that belongs to the treasury that is in field no. 1 and also the land no. 51 which is in field no. 3 from Aqaba land, in His Majesty Abdullah’s name”; in a similar memo, dated less than a year later, the registrar orders its regional offices to “register land in Naour, Lipat, Bilalal, Um Qasyr, Samek, in the name of His Majesty, Abdullah.”

    – When you are flying a private A340-642 and strolling around Rome in Prada and Aramani dresses, you will need to supplement your 26-million annual income with a few side projects here and there.

    -“I am either unaware or a partner, and both are unacceptable” HM King Abdullah II
    Wiser words have never been uttered

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