Calling On Jordanian Bloggers!

Blog Action Day 2009 is fast approaching and I wanted to send out a message to all Jordanian bloggers, encouraging you to register (it’s quick) and blog about it. This year’s topic is climate change and I don’t have to emphasize how essential this issue is to us and the rest of the world. We are fighting an uphill battle in our part of the world to educate people as to what climate change is all about, how it’s affecting them and what role they have to pay, whether they’re rich or poor, left or right of the political spectrum. Blog Action Day is about taking this one issue and getting thousands of bloggers to turn it in to a global conversation, if only for a day.

But I also don’t have to emphasize how important this issue is for Jordanian bloggers and Arab bloggers in general. Suffice to say, there is an enormous gap when it comes to content related to climate change coming out of the Arab world. There is a global discussion happening and we are not a part of it by our own choice. This is where blogs can make an impact: creating a discussion and creating content that remains online and says to the world that we not only want to be a part of that discussion, we want to help create it and lead it.

So whether you blog in English or Arabic, make sure to participate this Thursday, October 15th. If you don’t have a blog and have a strong opinion on the matter, submit it to 7iber for publication. If you need inspiration, check out the BAD blog. And if you’re just a reader, participate in the conversation. I’ll do my best to collect all your posts here on the Black Iris.

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  • Timely reminder. Thanks Nas. I got my e-mail from the Blog Action Day folks last week reminding me to put it on my calendar… I’ll be thinking about climate change on my blog on the 15th!

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