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14 thoughts on “Blogging Is Incomprehensible To Jordanian Journalists

  1. Are you upset that Jordanian journalists confuse blogging with journalism? I think the fact that they do is one of the ways to really understand the magnitude that blogging has had on communication in the age of the internet. Sure, they feel threatened by blogs, they feel uneasy about a whole digital revolution that is changing how things were at one point… Can’t really blame them.

    I think their confusion with blogging as a means of Journalism is actually derived from blogging in the western world. You see, blogging has created political change abroad. Remember the U.S elections campaigns carried out on YouTube? Obama had his own blog? Remember these? So I figure that these journalists that ask you such questions are not referring to the blogger who is talking about his pet or his last date, or his favorite movie… I believe they are asking why blogging has not been adopted as a serious communication medium for achieving / dispensing political and social goals / attitudes.

    To that I would answer that things are different in Jordan. We can’t just yet publicly disclose information about who we are on our own blog side by side with an article pointing fingers at government or authority. Now don’t get me wrong, some bloggers do blog about important issues concerning politics, but not the extent that Jordanian journalists would come to notice significatnt political change as a direct result of blogging. That will take some time.

    Just my two cents.

  2. it is not the integrity of traditional or printed media they are worried about. they are afraid of competition. how many young people read printed media? i do believe that blogs are better off focusing on social change since we need it more.

  3. have you ever considered pursuing a research degree on the topic yourself? There is, even academically, a large vacuum of studies on the topic…. that way, when journalists call you up, you can just forward them your journal article 🙂 [and obviously contribute to academia, human thought and understanding of modern society].

  4. I wouldn’t say all these questions are cliche. The one about blogging in English is a valid one because it addresses the issue of your blog’s desired audience, which is undoubtedly relevant to the main question about initiating political change. I don’t think you’re oblivious to the ideas people in Jordan have about those who communicate in English while they’re perfectly fluent in Arabic.

  5. I guess sometimes journalists ask questions that sound cliche because even if they know the answer, they have to hear it from the person in concern and can’t just assume that he/she thinks of it this way and take it for granted, so although they can easily tell you about what you think, they will still have to use your own words. I guess the majority of the articles we read in the local press are all alike, you wont have to read the whole article to get the point because they dont offer any new analysis, just the very same stances of two different mindsets, some quotes from people that you are very familiar with and that’s it. To be fair, Al Sijjil monthly magazine is the only ray of light I can see appearing for the local press, this one can surprise you with the courage and candor, the creativity and some original ideas. by the way, we can’t always place the entire blame on journalists, as they remain a part of a society that doesnt believe in diversity and isnt really familiar with the idea of speaking out, this is obviously apparent when you try to get people to express their views, they either refuse or ask to have their names and identities withheld, just check how many times the phrase ” a person who preferred anonymity ” is used, I may be going out of the way but I am just saying what I believe is deterring the emergence of a media we want ( which may be irrelevant to this particular post ), but I just wanted to say that I am sure many journalists and citizens in general aren’t content with the traditional ways, they may have outstanding ideas but the society where we live has a very long way to go before it can support those people. This is not to say that people who seek the change must submit to this reality, I agree that they must challenge it but I can also see the point why sometimes they have to wait and for the meantime submit to it.
    By the way, I am also a Jordanian journalist, an amateur journalist maybe, and so I may see the issue through that perspective.

  6. In my view blogging, being a recent blogger, is something and triggering political change or change in general is another. Then there are the other factors of who could potentially be your audiance targeted on a certain website ..? If a website is offering and delivering decent info, interaction, well backed by its owner and is able to publish with a certain extent of freedom different views and opinions then no doubt it will attract different types of bloggers from all over Jordan not to mention the whole world. Result is it will influence change but it may take time in doing so.

    I came across this wonderful website earlier this month and for the 1st time in my life I placed a comment on the internet..!!

    The matter was very dear to my heart and it touched a personal ordeal that I have had (still have) and hope to overcome soon.

    Guess what – I got someone to contact me offering his assistance to this very dear and sensitive matter which I felt greatly touched by. It would be a total positive experience and I would owe him a lot more than just a ‘Thank You’ if he manages to pull this one out for me..! Since Sun, this week,I am anxious to hear, hopefully good news, from him.

    Lesson is blogging could trigger change..I guess I will have to wait a bit longer to see for myself..!

  7. pisses me off… yall are the real journalists. creativity is an incomprehensible concept to most Jordanians. Thinking outside the box is unthoughtful of. And most importantly, the slightest upset to the system or any of institutions is treated with zero social tolerance.

    well thats kinda harsh but i guess its true for the most part

  8. Please save me from being mistaken for a journalist. After all, I’m fairly certain I couldn’t even read the rules of Jordanian journalism… Happily, I don’t think anyone has EVER mistaken me (as a blogger) for a journalist (even an amateur one). It is interesting that the journalists don’t come up with a new perspective or insight, basically a new hook. It seems like when one group publishes something, the others rush out to publish an article on the same topic, rather than generating new content and ideas… Unforunately, creativity is not as prevalent in Jordan as could be desired given the scarcity of natural resources and reliance on human ones.

    I will say, though, that blogging is likely to impact social change in Jordan. Perhaps it will even influence political change. We can’t say right now what the impact of blogging has been. That’s for history to write in the future. From my perspective, unlike in the US where every Tom, Dick, and Harriet has a blog, bloggers in Jordan have been those on the leading edge. They will begin the conversation, but until it moves beyond the enfranchised elite to the really average common man, change will be slow in coming. And, after all, admitting there is a problem is half the battle, right? So, if bloggers are simply admitting the problem and causing others to think about it as well, that’s a win IMHO.

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