Photo Of The Moment: Mohammed Asha Comes Home

mohammed asha

AP PHOTO – Jordanian doctor Mohammed Asha carries his son, surrounded by relatives and friends, upon his arrival in Amman, Jordan, Monday, Sept. 7, 2009. In August 2009 the Home Office dropped attempts to deport the Jordanian doctor, after he was cleared in a trial last year of involvement in botched car bombs attacks in London and Glasgow.

At his trial, the jury was told that Asha lent his friend, Bilal Abdulla, £1,500. However, Asha insisted that he felt disturbed at Abdulla’s growing fascination with Islamic terrorism, and that he disliked Kafeel Ahmed, the deceased conspirator. In a police interview, Asha described how he attempted to encourage Abdulla to ‘settle down, concentrate on his career and abandon such silly thoughts’. On 16 December 2008 Asha was found not guilty of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions, the jury accepted that he was an innocent ‘dupe’ who knew nothing of the plot that his friends, Bilal Abdulla and Kafeel Ahmed, had planned. The judge at his trial criticised the counter-terrorism police for twice interviewing Asha without a solicitor and in his summing up he told the jury, “What this trial may have revealed to you, on this occasion, [is that] Mohammed Asha’s rights were not fully respected.” Footage played to the jury showed police officers swearing at and ridiculing Asha, and the prosecution also admitted that interviewing officers told Asha that they found new evidence regarding him which they knew to be untrue. [source]

This is a guy who was basically arrested for knowing these two idiots. In other words, the police found him guilty by association. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in that position; to be considered, at such a young age, as being on track to becoming one of the UK’s top neurosurgeons, and probably go on to accomplish great things in the world of medicine, only to be arrested for conspiracy.

It’s disgusting.

I hope he can rebuild his life.

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  • at the end, i think the last 10 yrs blast of such an actions of hitting ppl and killing humans has led to dozens of cases like Mohammed where security admins all around the world captured the unneeded suspects!

    i wish all the “safety”

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