Photo Of The Moment: Jordanian Egg Sandwiches

AP PHOTO – A man works in a bakery in Amman. The bakery is one of few that make sesame bread used for cheese and grilled eggs sandwiches, nurse a popular and cheap meal served around the clock.

Note: Just to add to the caption, for those interested, I believe the bakery is the Salah il-Deen Bakery in Abdali.


  • Did you know that the best time to get these hearty sesame loaves is around 3 am when they’re steaming hot and fresh?

    We’ve featured this spot in the Sunny Feel Good Guide, so if you’re looking for some great authentic Jordanian experiences make sure to check them out and many more moments will follow.

  • Always and still the best bakery in town, with the most gentle and kind staff. Never miss a chance to stop in to collect ka’ak and oven-baked whole eggs for friends and family. A heartwarming experience that stays with you all day.

  • my brother always talk about how good this bakery is and it’s always crowded …. he once brought us a meal at 2 am !!! ka3ek and grilled eggs !!! i was like 2eeeewww !!! but i eat after he convinced me 😀 it was very very good ……….

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